The benefits of using Serp Checker Keyword tracker


Zutrix Serp Checker extension allows me to monitor my rankings over time as well – it’s a great way of identifying trending topics at their earliest stages. Hence, I’m always ahead of everyone else!

This app will allow you to enter multiple inputs and see which ones are generating the highest traffic. You can also export these keywords as CSV with a click of a button for easy viewing on your PC or Mac!

The tool and your SEO articles

Do you want to know which keywords are getting the most traffic on your website? You can use the serp checker keyword tracker for SEO optimization. This free service scans your site and analyzes many different factors, then produces a list of high-ranking keywords that will improve your search engine rankings.

The SERP checker is a keyword tracking tool you can use to determine your keywords’ ranking easily. In addition, it provides invaluable information about how well an article or webpage performs in search engine results pages and will help you diagnose any problems with it so they can be addressed quickly.

A good long-form content marketing strategy has to have a base of effective keyword research. You will need to find what people want from their searches and researching which words are already popular on sites like. Once these have been researched thoroughly, you can start writing. Serp tracker helps do the research for you.

New Features:

    • Search Keywords by Domain Name: Enter any domain name linking to another website – all relevant data about that site is shown without searching for its individual keyword.
    • Export Data as CSVs from Selected Queries: All of your queries in one neat file? Have them exported into CSV format at the touch of a button! No more manual exporting is needed. It even includes the last updated date, so you know when they were generated (last time the SERP checker was run).
    • Filter Queries by Domain Names: Another way to make the SERP checker more relevant; you can now filter queries based on domain names.
    • Track keywords with the keyword density checker tool. See which words occur most frequently, and increase or decrease their use in your content accordingly.
    • Check rankings for a list of domains at once to see which pages are ranking highest on search engines like Google and Bing. This is useful when you’re trying to identify what’s working so that you can replicate it elsewhere on your site.


Improve SEO by using this free online serp tracker! The SERP rank checking tool makes it easy for anyone who runs an online business to understand how people find them through search engine results (SERPs). With our tools, you get insights into traffic volume and where potential customers could be coming from.

The site enables you to see how popular a keyword is. Using the track option, you can understand the keyword density in various sites. You can choose to use keywords based on the data collected by the serp checker. You can monitor if your keywords, or other keywords are doing well. You can make changes to your article if you find the keyword to be decreasing in ranks.

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