All you need to know about Crossdraw holsters


Crossdraw holsters are the gun holster models that are designed to carry the handgun. It is usually worn on one side of the waste in our body. It is essential for those who work as police officers or secret agents of the government. Moreover, with the help of this, one can protect themselves from any uncertainty as one carry a gun in it. It is specially designed for a belt custom is the most used version. One of the best benefits of cross-draw is that carrying a gun becomes a more comfortable, easy, accessible, and natural way to draw the handgun.

The material used in the cross-draw holster is traditional, like leather. Through this, it can stay longer. Moreover, these theses are available in different designs, and the styles of carrying are depended on the holster to attach the belt. Therefore, it represents the traditional styles of carrying the gun that remains popular from the ages. Therefore, we can say that it is the best option for shooters with some special needs.


The levels define the modern holsters. Through they will get to know that how it works.

  • Level 1: It is a kind of pressure maintenance. Here the pressure is usually applied to retain the firearm. Once the pressure is overcome, and then the firearm will come to holster freely.
  • Level 2: It is a locking section. Through this, the gun must be locked until the deactivations of pressure allow the firearm. It is very difficult to break due to its strength.
  • Level 3: Here are the two devices included in the holster, level 1 and level 2. Through this, no one can break it as compared to level 2.

Where to carry?

Waist carry

It is one of the most common locations to carry a firearm. Through this, no one can see the gun due to clothes. But for pulling it out, the shooter needs to uncover the clothes, which might take time. However, through this, no one can easily find out the gun. It is generally easy to draw motion and very comfortable in carrying the gun.


The cops generally adopt this. The leather straps look attractive and easy to take out the gun. The real benefits of shoulder carry are concealing ability and comfort. Taking the gun out is easy and may not take more time.

Thigh or ankle

These two are different types. The ankle carry is just a strap that is wrapping around the ankle. It is known as the best holster because no one can imagine hiding the gun under the pants.

The thigh carry is also a unique location as it is worn high on the leg. Of course, this is only the best if you will wear the shots; otherwise, it would be wasted.


Thus, through the above aspect, you will get to know about the Crossdraw holsters as well as its level and location to wear.