Instagram And Its Followers


We’re all aware of this social application “Instagram.” You, me and a lot of people in our community have their accounts on it.

We all kinda love this app as it has impressive features. Every time one gets bored they hop on Instagram and start scrolling simply. It’s kinda like taking a break from the random stress happening to us in a day.

Instagram  “FOLLOWERS” feature

  • Instagram consists of many features but the feature of Instagram that we most care about is our followers. We all need them. It’s like a social reputation that we need to maintain.
  • If you dont have followers on Instagram who are you even showing your stuff off to?
  • When there’s a list of followers, one or the other people get impressed by your profile. It’s because having followers feels like having fans.

What are the ways to increase followers?

There is always an antidote for every complication. And today I will provide you with multiple antidotes that will enable you to attain followers on Instagram.

Let’s get started;)

1- Post interesting content

You constantly have to take care and understand what your audience appreciates. For example, suppose your audience is interested in funny posts. You gotta post funny memes eventually.

So basically, one has to understand the point of view of the people who follow them. You don’t have to post anything related to your own interests but relatable to the public interests.

2- Write creative captions 

While creating a post or a story, write something innovative that feels relatable to most of the people on your list. If one feels relatable or finds meaning in your words they will end up following you. Use a creative font and write in easy words to get better results.

3-  Use trending hashtags 

Instagram allows you to use a maximum of thirty hashtags in your caption. That indicates you could use thirty amazing and trending hashtags. This activity could lead your post to reach the maximum number of people who seem interested in such hashtags. This will increase your followers automatically.

4- Interact with followers 

You always need to bond with those who follow you. As you bond and interact your connection gets stronger. If you keep on this act with everyone, no one of your followers will unfollow you and you will earn a number of followers through this kind act.

  1. Use filters 

Instagram has a variety of filters that makes one look good enough. Using such filters will not only enhance your beauty but this will also make people attracted to you. As many people will attract towards you they will also start to follow you. Simply you’ll attain followers.

Above are the tips that will definitely assist you to boost your Instagram followers.


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Hope the article helped you;)