Everything you need to know before buying a gun safe


A gun safe is a container used for storing guns and ammunition. The containers are made by various manufacturers in different sizes, with varying locking systems, security features, and materials (steel or composite), to suit their particular market of customers.

Gun safes are designed for the secure storage of firearms against unauthorized access of children and therefore must be constructed accordingly. Gun safes come in many different shapes and sizes which help determine whether they meet any state regulations regarding gun safety within that state.

Some states may require that all guns have locks on them. Most states only require this if the weapon is loaded at the time, it is being stored; as long as it does not have a round in the chamber it can be stored unlocked inside a gun safe.

Gun safes usually have various locking mechanisms to prevent the unauthorized opening of the safe. Some employ mechanical locks, while others are electronic, meaning they can be opened with a code entered on a keypad or by biometric analysis (fingerprint recognition).

Most gun safes include some variety of internal lighting so its contents can be viewed at night as well as during daylight hours. Most models also often come with an electrical outlet mounted inside for plugging electric lamps into and around the interior of the safe. We suggest you research on the best gun safes 2020

What are the Features of a Great Gun Safe?

The construction and build quality is reflected in the price. Cheaper models will typically have less thick steel, thinner walls, fewer locking systems used, and thinner paint if it’s an outside safe that can be exposed to elements.

A good brand name will help you feel more secure about your purchase but never compromise on safety features especially if you have children at home. One feature I look for is ribbing inside which can add more strength to the walls of the safe and prevent rifles from penetrating them like they would with cheaper brands that only have thicker paint jobs than others.

Many people do not realize how important it is to cover up all edges around the doors of their safe. If you have a top-rated gun safe, you can see the strong metal they use for these covers all around the edges and corners to block bending or penetration from an attack.

Some models will come with combination keys instead of biometric locks. These are usually more affordable but not as secure as using fingerprint recognition technology which is becoming more common on even low-budget safes today.

Top-rated gun safes should come standard with at least two locking mechanisms along with multiple layers of steel lining the walls to make it harder for someone trying to break into your home while you’re gone to get into your safe without waking you up first. Use reinforced bolts especially if you live in an earthquake area or another type of climate where extreme weather.