Stay informed about the new technological advances that Zeroavia has prepared


Zeroavia is in charge of raising money for hydrogen planes characterized by avoiding emissions into the atmosphere. It currently has quite an austere financing and is even positioned as one of the projects with the greatest future environmental development. A small repertoire of airlines committed to developing domestic flights in conjunction with the planes of this company. A regional aircraft with zero emissions and capacity for a maximum of 50 passengers is planned.

Hydrogen is the key to significantly reducing the percentage of carbon emissions represented by the aviation sector. The new prototypes created are becoming lighter and consume less energy. They are an excellent alternative that will reduce the price of regional flights by developing more sustainable aircraft.

Among the most notable advances of zeroavia are the investments made by millionaire tycoons and recognized companies. Currently, there is a wide repertoire of recognized investors who are financing the project. This fact has been an important factor in developing new prototypes that work with a hydrogen battery. As a result, the company has continued to carry out test flights in a hydrogen-based six-seater aircraft.

This project includes a government grant from the United Kingdom to increase its wealth. Among his latest accolades are the multiple awards he has won as the top technology developer. It has been considered one of the most financed green alternatives in the aviation sector. It currently has a wide repertoire of sponsors willing to contribute to its development.
What are your main sponsors?

Since 2019 the company has had an infinity of sponsors divided between airlines and multiple recognized companies. In this category, there are also millionaire tycoons or potential investors willing to contribute to the project. Airlines have been the key to exploring the possibility of swapping hydrogen-powered aircraft. Many of these companies have offered their runways for test flights and even replace their planes.

The solutions proposed by zeroavia have been supported in multiple international forums on climate change. The company has a very promising future within the aviation industry, positioning itself as the first choice for successful airlines. One of its greatest attractions is the development of commercial-scale regional aircraft with greater passenger capacity.

When you hear about hydrogen airplanes, you may be curious to know how zeroavia-developed airplanes work. This type of transport works using hydrogen propulsion technology. They have a battery designed to provide enough power to an aircraft that could travel close or regional distances.

This project emerges as a fairly profitable solution to the problems caused by fuel in traditional aircraft. Hydrogen used to replace carbon fuels represents 0% emissions in the atmosphere. As a result, it will be possible to reduce part of the 10% of emissions represented by conventional airplanes. This project aims to prevent certain consequences of climate change through planet-friendly transport.

How is hydrogen fuel produced?

During the process, the water is subjected to high temperatures up to the boiling point to generate hydrogen. In this way, a potential and profitable alternative for the aviation industry has been developed. This fuel can produce from fossil fuels or by electrolysis of water to replace conventional methods. In this way, airlines intend to face the consequences produced by emissions in climate change.