What about the Free Word Counters?


Free word counters are useful learning tools to learn English or any other language. Having a good word counter tool is essential to learn the English language effectively. It gives you important information about your word usage. The counter helps you with:

The word counter not only informs you the vocabulary of the student; it also tells you the speed of reading and speaking speed. By reading and speaking time, tell you how much additional time will be taking your text during reading or speaking. its save feature will ensure that you won’t lose your valuable work.

A word counter also tracks the number of comments and shares generated by every posted text. These statistics can help you understand what users think about your content. Its three social media options can be imported from Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. Import all three to create a customized profile.

A customizable widget allows you to include the latest comments and shares on each post. On each social media pages, a new widget will be displayed. Using a drag and drop feature, you can choose the widgets. You can change their appearance according to the color scheme used in your page. Each widget has an options button to toggle between the latest comments and shares, active layer, minimum and maximum layer.

A free word count tool enables you to check your spelling progress. You can even track the word frequency in your text. Word counters usually have space for up to 100 words. To facilitate counting by hand, some word counters also come with a suggestion function that suggests alternative spellings of common words.

A free word counter tool is a great way to improve your English grammar and spelling. It also helps to improve reading fluency. Some free word counters are available for free download from the official website of Word Counter (Wachovia). A Wachovia free word counter is an ideal choice for students learning English.

The most advanced free word counters are available as desktop application (with a download), or as freeware. Freeware offers the least feature-wise choice, but it is easy to find one that suits your needs. Most free online character counterinclude a spreadsheet component to allow you to create lists or bar charts with word frequencies displayed for each word. Some examples of freeware are Word Tracker, Quicken Professional, and Complete.

An advanced word counter, by contrast, offers more features, such as customizable font, matching accent and size for each word, suggestions for related words, and dictionary support. You can also track handwritten spelling and correct word usage. A few advanced word counters are supported by an online interface where you can submit your list of words for analysis. Most word counters in this class are available for free download from the official website of Word Counter (Wachovia).

Free word counters provide convenience and accuracy when you need a quick way to estimate word length or to check spelling. Word counter services are essential in many courses and can help students learn word recognition, read text, and write faster. Word counters are also helpful for teachers to learn language. With a word counter, the teacher can record students’ word-count during a lesson and compare it with what they record during a free spell-check spell session. Free word counters are also available for personal use on the Internet, or for purchase from most retail stores.