Merging the pdf has many advantages. If you are new to pdf formats, you should read them carefully. Pdf formats are used every day for doing a simple task. It is a good way of saving any essential information. Using pdf formats will let you use many features that come with it.

If you are reading it, that means you want to know how to merge pdfMerging pdf is easy and consumes very little time. If you have never merge pdf before, you don’t need to panic about it. Having a basic knowledge of the pdf format is necessary. Combining the pdf is also one of those.

Today, we will guide you in merging the pdf files online on the website of If you want to try to combine the pdf for the first time, it is the right website to use.

To merge pdf there are easy steps to follow. Once you land on the website, you have to go through the following procedure to become pro at using this feature.

Step 1: Upload the Document

The first step to merging the pdf files is to upload the collection of files. When you go to the website, you will have to upload the files over there. When you upload the files, you will move to the next step.

To upload the files on this website, you will be given different options to do that. If the files are on your laptop, click on the upload option and select the files you need to merge. If the files are present on other platforms like Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox, you can click on these options and upload the files from there.

Step 2: Choose the Pages

When you upload the files, the website will process and present the files in front of you. In the next step, you will have to decide the pages you want to keep in the merges pdf. There are some pages that you don’t want in your pdf, make sure that you choose the ones you want to keep.

It is necessary to choose the pages wisely as you don’t want to lose some important files. If you make any mistake, you might have to go through the whole process again.

Step 3: Rearrange the Pages

After you chose the required pages, you have to do the editing according to your conditions. You can edit, rotate or change the pages in this step. Do the customization carefully to get the desired result. Once you complete this step, you will have to download the final pdf.

Step 4: Download the Pdf

In this final step, you have to download the merged pdf. After you make the changes, it is saved and gets ready to download. Moreover, you also get the option to print the final pdf.

Now, you are aware of the complete procedure to merge the files in one pdf. If you want to do it next time, you know where to go.