Social media is used for a variety of actions but majorly used to connect to others. It is a very vital feature of the Information age.

They are riveting technologies which are computer dependent for the improvement in the making and transfer of messages in various ways and expressions via internet communities and networks.

Examples of content sent via social media

  • Photos
  • GIFS
  • Memes
  • Emoji
  • Sticker
  • Text
  • Videos

Content on social media is aimed towards the enhanced interaction and entertainment of users.

Social media enhances interaction with other people as it draws persons from different part of the world together. Furthermore, it is able to accomplish things electronic mail can’t as it enables users to share messages and media content in such a short period compared to electronic mail.

Divisions of social media

  • Discussion networks. These social media networks provide people the opportunity to engage in discussions on various topics with one another. Examples include Reddit and Quora. On these networks, there are various kinds of content on a plethora of topics. Users of the networks are given an opportunity to share their knowledge about a certain topic in a respectful manner.
  • Review networks. These social media networks focus on reviews about products. This network gives people a medium to give reviews or feedbacks about a used product. These reviews in turn enable other users that would like to purchase such products.
  • Social network. This network is very popular for its ability to connect its users together regardless of the distance between them, even if they are continents apart. Examples of these networks include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They serve to connect and they are characterized with unique features that set them apart. Facebook is enabled with a messaging feature and a feature that also allows users to make public posts for other users to see. The message feature allows users from different part of the world to communicate. Twitter works in similar fashion but is quite different from Facebook. It enables users to repost or retweeta content. This is quite different from posts on Facebook where you can only comment and like a post. On Twitter, you can like, comment, and retweet a post. This retweet feature widens the scope of the post. It is able to reach more people, including individuals who do not follow the account that made the original post or tweet. Instagram on the other hand, focuses on the sharing of images and media content. It also includes a messaging feature as well.
  • Media networks. These are networks such as YouTube that focus in the sharing of media content, primarily videos.


Social media networks are very important in this age we live now. They can also be used as a means to promote infant businesses via posts and media sharing. In order to use them for business promotion, a solid account is needed. Companies that help grow accounts can be contacted on where to buy Instagram followers or other social media platforms’ followers.