The best features when looking to buy a 360 photo booth


360 photo booths are all the rage today. Talk about parties and get-togethers and other fun events — you’d barely miss at least one of them at all such places. There’s quite a good enough reason as to why. So, here’s talking of the best features when looking to buy a 360 photo booth.

Innovation in photography

360 photo booths are one of the latest photography technologies and pack quite a solid performance for your money. They let you dance around while they capture your photos from a 360 degree angle, which you can edit to oblivion — all in one touch. As such, the best photo booths are those which are laced with the best photography tools like that.

What features do I need to look into the 360 photo booths?

Background effects

Taking photos is great, but you can make that better by adding a touch of editing. For that, the 360 photo booths can create digital backgrounds in the forms of art or mosaic walls, using any of the connected devices’ social media.

Heck, many 360 photo booths can create virtual digital walls independently, which you can customize to make them appear more realistic and suitable.

Editing options

Of course, the world runs on filters today. Filters are not just a way to add a different hue to your photos, but at times, they can be used to convey a specific theme. So, you’re a performer trying to play some soothing acoustic music? How about a dark black and white background? Yeah, that’s when you need editing.

So, to have the luxury to choose from a bunch of such effects should be one of your priorities when you’re looking to buy a 360 photo booth.

Social media sharing

You’re now done with photos and edits. Now what? Of course, you’re uploading it to Instagram, silly! So, how long do you wait to share the content with your device? Well, not much. The 360 photo booths come with internet hotspots, so sharing content is almost instant.

Taking awesome 360 photos with movie-like effects and then sharing them all over the internet has never been this easy.


Want to spice things up a bit at the party that you’re to host? How about running a contest that’s based on some theme? You can use the booth to give your guests a random ticket number and even the odds of winning the chance for prizes. It’s more like a lucky-draw, except it’s entertaining.

Aside from generating odds, you can use the machine to collect data in surveys from your guests. These are the added features which you can look into when you buy a 360 photo booth, which is a plus.

Motion control

What’s better than a good video? A good video that’s played slow. Yeah, create your own slow-mo high-quality videos using the motion control feature of the booth. Slow down the video at essential parts of the performance — and watch it turn into magic.