What is a Google ad and what are the types of ads available?


The rise of the internet has transformed the lives of several business people and common individuals also. Among all the benefits of the internet, the process of digital marketing and advertising is of greater significance for almost all businesses out there. One could promote his business on a social media platform, or through the search engines according to his wish. If you look at the various options available for such digital advertising campaigns, the industry giant’s advertising platform named Google ads. This platform lets you advertise in different verticals, plan your campaigns, and measure the results also. If you do not know to use the platform, you can seek the help of a Google Ads management services company also. In this article, let us discuss Google ads in brief.

What is it?

As said, Google ads is an advertising platform offered by the tech giant to help businesses to get better reach through already existing platforms. The platform allows you to use all of Google’s products to promote your content for various charges. For instance, you could use the platform to promote your video ad using YouTube or post a wording-ad on the search engine. Likewise, you can get various advertising opportunities. You can select the one that suits your requirements. You can manage all these ads under a single roof of the platform. All you would need is a mail address to begin promoting your business. The following are the various types of Google ads to try.

Types of Google ads

Google ads would not restrict or limit your ad campaigns to a single platform. You can see differences in the platform of the advertisement or the type of advertisement as below.

Search ads – As the name suggests, you can place your adverts on the search engines and let people who search for a selected keyword see your ad. Let us assume a scenario where you have chosen the keyword clothing for your ad. Once you win the bid for the keyword, your ad will get posted. Afterward, all those people who search the same term on Google within the selected locality would get to see your ad on top. The chances for them to click your advert are high as the search engine is highly reliable.

Display ads – If you do not want your customers to use a keyword to get your ad and you wish to place your ad forever on a display platform, you can go with this campaign. Here, Google will contain a network of blogs and websites whose owners are willing to place display ads (image ads) on their platforms for money. Depending on the type of ad and your niche, your ads would be available on the relevant websites for their users.

YouTube ads – You can place a video ad of your business on the popular and relevant YouTube videos.

Shopping ads – You can place your ad along with the shopping details of the product on Google’s products.