Finding the most profitable keywords by the help of rank tracker


Keywords which are sales and traffic generating are easy to rank for and you might not even require the keyword rank tracker. A search term is typed in or even the keyword and your site is found in the top results. And this will only happen if you are the type who has invested in serious SEO effort in this particular term.

But there are people who tend to have the habit which vary, using different words combination in describing the same thing. That is the reason as to why the starting point of any campaign for SEO is to find all the keywords that people might be using and pick the best once which you can use to focus on your SEO to work on them. The following is the way the process goes:

Deciding on the seed keywords that you want

The seed keywords are the terms which are utilized as a base keyword in your research for keywords. Instead of coming up with the terms on your own, you can be able to get your seed keyword get collected by the rank tracker upon the creation of the project from the Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

How to go about it

Allow the rank tracker to do the initial search. Run the rank tracker and come up with a project. At step two click on the authorize AdWords for Google account and enter the rank tracker credentials for fetching keywords suggestions which tend to be relevant to the content of your site.

Hit the Google Analytic authorization account and you will be able to get the keywords which are right for you from the Google Analytics – then ones that happen to be bring the traffic already. You have to click on Next once there is authorization access. You will have to see a list of about 30 keywords which will be fetched from the Analytics and the AdWords.

Discovering new keywords

Once you create your project, you will have to continue researching to get a list which is comprehensive of the potential keywords to the target. This you will have to accomplish by using a powerful research rank tracker method.

Select and copy several of the seed keywords which you have form your workspace in the rank tracker. Then go ahead and switch to the keyword research module, choosing any of the keyword research module, choosing any of the keyword research methods where you can be able to select further a research tool which will be used to pull keyword suggestions.

If you are not sure about the method to use, you can go the dashboard of the keyword suggestions and pick the Google AdWords keyword planner which might be ideal for having to generate several keywords ideas. Go ahead and paste the seed keywords that you copied in the space where you are supposed to enter the keyword and then click on the search button and rack tracker will be able to search for the new keywords which are based on the ones that you specified.