Tips And Tricks For Personalized Paint By Number


You have received your personalized paint by number and are ready to lift the brush.But you are new to this and have doubts about how to begin, then you have reached the answer.

If you are about to start your journey in the coloring world, let me walk you through some useful tips and tricks to ensure a smooth sail.

Maintain canvas condition:

On delivery, you usually receive a folded sheet. Your canvas a lot of wrinkles which can cause smudges during painting. If the wrinkles are light and not a hassle, then go ahead with it.

You can iron the canvas gently at a low temperature or put it under your bed mattress for two days (it works like magic, trust me). Some professionals prefer stretching the canvas by attaching it to a frame. You can do so if you want but it is not necessary. You can paint just fine without it as well.

Know your canvas type before stretching. Excess stretching harms the cloth. If you are painting straight away, put some pressure on the farther edges of the canvas before starting to keep it still.

Proceed with care:

One should not start coloring all the same numbers first. Instead, try to go with two simple rules, go dark to light and top to bottom of the canvas. The contrast of colors and patterns is distinct when you move from dark to light shades.

The most chances of mistakes and ruining your personalized paint by number would be when you color the upper canvas. There are ample chances to smudge it at the bottom, color from top to bottom to avoid that. You do not have to color all the parts with the same number at the same time. The canvas and colors are all yours. You can take your time with patience and precautions.

Wait for some time before applying the second coat of paint. It defeats the purpose of the second coat if you hastily start the second round before the first coat is not dried completely. We all want the numbers to disappear early but let’s be patient to bear the prize.

After every session of coloring, let it dry, cover the canvas with plain paper. Use butter paper, ordinary sheets, or any clean paper.

Miscellaneous tips:

Take a picture of a blank canvas before you start. You might misread some numbers or become skeptical if the canvas did not turn out the way you expected it.

You do not dip your brush into the colors directly. Keep a mug with water, dip in the water, dap it on a cloth or paper towel to excess moisture and then put it in colors. It provides uniformity in texture on canvas when you use aqueous base colors like acrylic paints.

Do not soak your brushes in water or leave the brushes stained with colors overnight. Excess water makes the fibers brittle, and chemicals in paint harm the fibers. Clean them thoroughly before leaving.