The Best Form of Art: Pet Paintings


Dogs, man’s best friends, are the most popular pets ever and have been depicted in art since prehistoric times, dating back over ten thousand years to the paleolithic period. Dog-like creatures were depicted in various early cave drawings, implying that dogs were among the first domesticated animals.

History of Pet Paintings:

Many images of the Greyhound, Mastiff and a miniature Maltese were created by the Greeks of Athens. The canine was depicted as a companion as well as a hunting assistant in these early images.

The dog, on the other hand, would not always be the main subject, since it might appear in a hunting scene, a religious, mythical, or allegorical story, or a portrait with its owner.

Also, looking at prehistoric cave art which was advocated by Marc Azéma (who was an anthropologist).He says that the secret behind enchanting work by the primate artists was that animations added to the paintings of animals and because of that the viewers may have been delivered a touch of motion, as they frequently appear to be formed of numerous formations at once.

The similar effect is achieved by the glittering tiling of Byzantine mosaics in deep dark monasteries, with the apparent motion occurring before the artwork is in position. While theatre and puppetry have permitted the substance of a dramatic event to be recorded in real time since ancient times, other elements are more likely to have influenced the thought of current motion of pictures.

The appeal of Tableaux vivant, which are intricate arrangements of dressed individuals arranged to replicate original settings or drawings of them, peaked in the mid-1800s.

The way we remember our pets is evolving, and pet paintings have proven to be a lovely way to honor pets that have passed on while still capturing the soul of a living animal. Paintings can encompass the true friendship between the pet and the owner.

Let us go through the process of creating pet paintings or portraits:

The owner shares wonderful stories about their pet or sends essays or a few sentences about them to the artist. They will even go through their photo albums and send them the best ones of their pet. It is a therapeutic way for them to grieve the loss of a pet.

Pets evolve into more than just a companion. Artists say that it is a tremendous honor to be able to do this for their customers. Adding to that, they also say that you can see the soul and capture the personality if you paint the eyes.

They also tap into the animal’s energy, so the background color is important as well. It is done in collaboration with the pet parent, and they discuss the color. It is almost as if you’re reading the pet’s spirit. He or she must have the same feelings as that color.

Having a painting of a beloved pet on the wall has become a cultural thing because it can be passed down through generations. Your daughter or son may not want the urn containing your dog’s ashes, and you may not want to bury your dog in the backyard, but there is a generational shift in how we do things.

A piece of original art can brighten up a room. It will even be something that the guests will talk about.