Ways you can improve your Instagram account’s traffic


Engage your followers in your criteria

Instagram engagement attracts more engagement to your account. You should therefore attempt to find quality engagement online by engaging with other popular Instagram accounts in your niche. Supposing you are a business in the fashion industry, why not relate with some influencers in your niche, similar business to your among other types of similar traffic you are likely to get. This will likely improve the possibility of being seen online. You also have to comprehend that with traffic, it is not just the quantity that matters but the quality too.

Long tail keywords may just be it

Hash tags are very common and necessary for Instagram posts today. Before posting a pic, you should identify with the best hash tag that will improve your post visibility not just on the timeline of your followers but also Instagram search results in general. Using #cooking can make your posts appear in the cooking section however many people posting about food use the caption and therefore you may need something unique to stand out. Long tail keywords are very essential to ensure your IG posts is not pushed way below the search results.

Find captivating options for your posts

Instagram is all about fun and there is no space for boring. You will realize this as soon as you open an account for yourself. Long gone are the days when people posted photos without captions, nowadays you need to be more creative if you want to attract the right kind of traffic. A good caption increase the time that other Instagram users pend looking at your photo, the context and the story it tells. This will help you increase the engagement you so desire when on this social media app today. Remember to hire a social media manager should you be unable to cope up with the organic way of increasing traffic on your Instagram.

Post frequently

You follow me on Instagram and I follow you back, how am I however supposed to keep track of your progress if you no longer posts? Social media has time and publicity only to those that seek it. If you are serious about making it on Instagram then being more present online is the first thing you should work on. Find regular meaningful posts that you can make on your timeline to spark engagement with other users online besides increasing the chances of being visible to them. Instagram will basically forget about you of you are no longer active in posting and chatting up with others on the app.

Reading and replying comments and conversations help

Unless you buy Instagram followers that are authentic, you can miss out on quality engagements on your posts. Using the right keyword and quality photos can augment your Instagram engagement but ultimately, it is the way you handle this traffic that works to your advantage or not. You need to spend more time online engaging your fans with responses to their inquiries besides liking their posts too.