Who needs to have motor trade insurance?


If you are in the motor industry, whether fixing, buying, selling, cleaning, moving, or recovering the vehicles, then you have to go for either full time or part time motor traders insurance so that you can be able to protect both yourself and your customers in case of anything happening. Whether you are working from a premises or home, part time or full time, if you work in a profession that is in this industry, then you have to consider having a cover in place.

The motor trade insurance is known to be strictly for the ones operating a business and not just the general members of the public who are out to look for a cheap way of getting a cover for several vehicles. If you happen to be under circumstances which are unclear on whether you are a motor trade policy owner who is eligible, there are a variety of vehicle professions which might require a policy, whether it is a motor trade combined policy, road risk cover that you are after.

The motor trade is known to be a term that is wide which can cover various numbers of businesses and professions but anyone who happens to work with the vehicles as a business might require a policy, whether you go for a combined or road risk policy one.  It includes:

Vehicle sales

The insurance policies for vehicle sales are aimed mostly at those who are buying and selling vehicles for purposes of profit. It does not really matter if it happens to be your full time job or you are doing it as a part time job alongside some other occupation.

It is possible to be covered when working from home or from a certain premises, and it can be tailored to cover the things which you need as part of the profession like demonstration cover, stock of vehicles, goods in transit. For bigger businesses, you can get buildings, money, and tools.


As a mechanic, you require to cover yourself against several things which are specific to the work that you carry out. You will need cover allowing you to drive the vehicles of the customers for diagnosis and testing, and you will require protection for your tools and equipment like lifting vehicle ramps and machinery. If you are fitting and selling parts, then you might also want to have a sales and service liability in case anything happens to go wrong with the work which you are doing or the parts that you fit.

Body shops

A body shop normally contains a variety of specialists or at the very least, equipment that are expensive which require to be covered by the cover for the tool and equipment that is offered under the policy for the body shop insurance. It is equipment for specialist who might be crucial in the business operation and damage to the equipment could cause your body shop to suffer from losing of income, and therefore, it might be necessary in ensuring your policy includes business interruption cover.