What to do if you have put the wrong fuel into your car?


Wrong fuel in a car is a widespread mistake that anyone of us does. Although it is a big issue yet every problem has a solution. If you are thinking that your car stops or doesn’t work then again you are wrong. Want to know how to save a thousand rupees for the above solution, and then here you will get to know all what you want.

When you will get a mistake of the wrong fuel?

  • One gets a memory lapse at the petrol lump, and therefore, you will switch from diesel fuel to petrol fuel and vice versa.
  • It has a refined diesel store that acts similarly.
  • Borrowing for someone’s car and forget to change the fuel according to that.
  • Momentary distraction occurs; it is due to fatigue or work pressure. It happens suddenly when your mind is not concentrated on one sight.
  • It happens several times, and what is the further step that one has to take for diesel protection. It is rightly said that care should be taken at the far point.

What to do after the wrong fuel gets injected?

It is recommended by the experts that do not start the engine immediately, after realizing that you have put petrol in a diesel car by mistake and drove it. Starting an engine can put great destruction to your car.

It is best to remain the car in the position as any happening might occur. Your car caught fire, or any electrical activity can occur, so better to unlock it for a while.

Diesel v/s petrol

Diesel and petrol both are fuel, then what is the significant difference if your car gets it? Here is the full description of it.

Firstly the noise of diesel car is undoubtedly a different thing from the patrol car. Firstly, with the arrival of diesel cars, it is easily understood whether the car is based on the diesel engine or petrol engine, but many things are gone to be changed with time. Now, one will not see this type of sound anymore. It’s pretty hard to recognize whether the car is based on petrol or diesel.

The pump system also varies for diesel and petrol cars. The internal pressure of the diesel car is too high, and it works as high tolerance. It cannot be seen in petrol engines. One of the best facilities that diesel fuel gives to the customer is that it acts as a lubricant. In this way, no friction is built up between the metal of the vehicle. That is why it is essential to drive diesel car for one time in a day.


If you have put petrol in a diesel car by mistake and drove it, you have to claim for the insurance if it costs more. It will save you time and money. With the aid of an insurance company, you will correct your engine and car parts.