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Canon MX492 Wireless Multifunction Printer

The Canon brand is recommended and has been thinking about benefiting its customers for years. For this reason, this printer has high performance. It is created for artisans who need to print with glossy quality materials, like cards, photo paper. This printer has an excellent resolution. Well, the color spread in printed works is usually realistic and vibrant.

This type of printer is wireless. So you can print from your Android with ease. Using the Canon Print and Air Print applications. This printer is considered high-end. Thanks to the fact that it works silently. It has an automatic document feeder.

Craft Printer Buying Guide

Media: Low-priced printers can print well on plain paper. Some printers can print various materials, like canvas, cardboard, wood, leather, and cork.

Fold / Fold: It is recommended that you purchase a printer that has a front feed. This way, you will not fold the papers. This will damage thick materials.

Paper size: The paper sizes you are using must be compatible. You should know that there are printers that cannot be printed without borders.

Resolution: print quality can be measured in dots per inch as high resolutions offer a good print quality.

Connectivity: if you want the printer to work wirelessly. You should connect it via USB to the computer. The wireless connection will keep the printer away from the workplace. This will keep the noise from the print out of the way.

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