How to mitigate challenges of Social media


Social media is a very powerful medium today. It has extensive reach across the world. Companies intend to buy Instagram followers to enhance their presence on popular social media platforms to explore the opportunities available on social media. Companies generally prefer to be active on few popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.
Companies prefer popular social media platforms as they have maximum number of followers. Companies have to make detailed strategies for individual social media platforms. They have to track the response on these social media platforms. Hence, they prefer to be on few popular social media platforms so that they can perfectly manage their campaigns on selected platforms.
Every company looks to enhance their presence on online business and social media so they can have larger impact on their customers, prospective customers and followers. Hence, they always try to enhance their presence on social media. Many times, they intend to buy Instagram followers so that they can successfully and quickly enhance their presence on social media.
Social media has global presence and it presents many challenges to companies and their followers. Companies can smartly and strategically use social media by mitigating its challenges by considering following aspects:
– No formal rules and regulations: Social media has global presence. Countries have made their individual rules and regulations to regulate social media in their respective countries. Hence, a social media act which is illegal in one country may not have serious consequences in many other countries.

Hence, companies have to be careful about lack of global rules and regulations for social media though it has global audience and followers. Companies have to be conscious of rules and regulations in the countries where they intend to do marketing etc using social media platforms.

– Disinformation: It has been found that there is designed disinformation spread by competitors of various companies. Companies that are not on social media face more disinformation about them than companies that are active on social media. This disinformation is deliberately designed to malign companies and their products and services.

Companies can counter disinformation campaigns by having authentic social media profiles where people can find authentic information about company. Many times, companies highlight disinformation being spread about them on their profiles. This caution their followers about wrong information, rumors etc being spread on the Internet.

– Return on Investment: Many companies intend to track benefits of being active on social media platforms. They do not find very prominent tools and strategies to track financial benefits of being active on social media. They get confused about how much to invest on social media marketing etc.

Companies may understand that social media is a strong media today. People will talk about them irrespective of their presence on social media or not. They also need to understand that being active on social media has tangible and intangible benefits. Hence, they should make strategies to get tangible and intangible benefits on social media.
Social media has become a medium which cannot be overlooked by companies. Companies have to make strategies to use its potentials and to counter its threats and challenges.