Find Out How Absorbex’s Pompage Bac à Graisse Paris Services Make Your Sewer Systems Durable


Sediment build-up is a common phenomenon in sewer pipelines and systems. It happens due to the constant accumulation of debris, dirt, grease, and other unwanted particles that flow with the wastewater. One of the most common indicators of worthless sewage systems is a foul odor, discolored water, and water taking more time than before to drain.

It is known to very little that all this can lead up to frequent blockages in sewers. If not treated immediately with professional assistance, things can worsen within a few hours. Moreover, inefficient sewer systems can also cause flooding of wastewater in commercial and residential properties.

Thus, to prevent or limit blockages, periodic cleaning and maintenance are essential. Fortunately, people can hire Absorbex for their pumping grease trap paris (pompage bac à graisse paris) and other cleaning services.

What are grease traps?

Grease traps are an essential component of every sewer system. Their primary aim is to collect and prevent fats, oils, and greases, also known as FOGs entering the main sewer. The gradual accumulation of FOGs reduces the normal flow of wastewater by decreasing the inner radius of pipes.

Moreover, it is also equally accountable for the production of foul smells, frequent blockages, and pest infestations. Manufacturers use sturdy materials such as concrete, plastic, stainless steel, and mild steel to produce grease traps. People can locate grease traps above or below the ground and inside the kitchen.

Moreover, the efficiency of grease traps depends upon numerous factors. It can include the kitchen’s design, location, the condition of its drainage systems, size, etc. Furthermore, every case brings new challenges about the removal and treatment of collected FOGs.

Why choose Absorbex over other services?

Customers can hire any cleaning company that usually takes care of everything. However, many of them overlook small fragments such as grease traps that play a crucial role in smooth functioning of the system. It also happens when the customer is running low on their budget.

Most importantly, since there are other more significant issues than grease traps, people often overlook them. Fortunately, this is not the case with Absorbex. This French cleaning and sanitizing company deliver professional outcomes in numerous categories. It includes installing and maintaining commercial and residential grease traps in its purview.

Absorbex implements its robust and cutting-edge technology with high-pressure pumps for effective hydrodynamic cleaning. Their pumps can inject a water flow rate of 60-70 liters per minute, leading to swift and unmatched action. Not only this, but the power and sturdiness of the water jet thoroughly clean the installment without causing damage to pipes.

Above all, the process of cleaning sewers includes potential risks that can harm the environment. One wrong step and the wastewater will end up in your house or gardens. Thus, to limit the risks associated with this process, always hire a specialist.

So if you live near Oise or Ile de France, hire Absorbex for its pumping grease trap paris (pompage bac à graisse paris) services.