Remembering your Late Beloved Dog


Your pets can easily be your best companion and friend with unconditional love. Dogs are the best pets that people prefer to have in their living space. But when the dogs get old, they start going through a period where they want more time and care. By the time their bodies start decreasing the energy and lose hope from living and die eventually. But the grief that they left is tough to go through, and it is natural for everyone to pass.

You can make your dog memorial in the following ways:

  • A heart vase

You can reserve a place for your dog in the form of a vase. You can put beautiful flowers for months after your dog has passed; it is a fantastic way of giving tribute to your late dog. Dogs always make their presence in the house attractive and heartwarming. You can make a vase an award in the loving memory of your dog. All you have to do is build a vase by the sand or clay as a dog memorial. You have two options you can go for anyone according to your choice and time.

The first one is to do it yourself; vase materials are available in the different online stores. You can purchase the flower vase for your late dog and decorate it with the materials available to you. Another one is buying the entire customized flower vase from the online store. Though it will cost you much more than the first one, it will save you more time.

  • Cushions or cover

There are numerous creative ideas in which you can store the memories of your dog. The demanding way is by printing the face or forming the sketch of your dog or pet on the cushions or covers. That will be the best way to give your dog a memorial. There are specific ways in which you can customize your ideas. You can contact the dealers or artists who are pro in this course.

The perfect way will be to use the blanket that your dog used when he or she was alive. You can use your designs and drawing of your dog and print them on the cushions and covers. It is the most realistic way of keeping up with the memories, as you can remember them every time you walk into your living room or bedroom where you have placed those cushions. You can even gift your friends the cushions for their house.

It is a thought and belief the picture of dogs brings lots of positive energy in the house and memory for those who already had one in their life. Moreover, to accelerate in this work, some do it yourself tutorial available on social media, which will help you understand the materials and colours required in framing the print on the cushions or cover.

  • Embracing

To make the memory be with you forever, you can go for the ideas mentioned above and projection. You will never regret making it store into a piece of imagination for your entire life.