All you need to know about Instagram and Instagram followers


Today in the 21st century where everything is so social media-oriented no one is a stranger to Instagram. But the ones that are new to Instagram might be wondering what it is. Well, Instagram is a social networking platform where people can share photos and videos as per their choice and increase their social engagement with those around them. It was first developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The app is available in 32 different languages making it the most used social media app.

What does Instagram followers mean?

The pictures or videos that one posts on Instagram are organized according to the hashtags and location of posting the items. The user has an option to share their posts publicly or with their pre-approved followers. Instagram followers are the people that you allow to view your content.

These Instagram followers can like and comment on your posts. The latest feature on Instagram also allows one’s Instagram followers to share his or her posts with others. Many people get confused between Instagram and Facebook. Facebook is also another social media platform but it does not have as advanced features as Instagram. 

How much is Instagram worth today?

 Instagram was bought by Facebook for 1 billion US dollars in April 2012. But by 2018 the estimated value of Instagram has increased up to 100 million US dollars. Instagram is entirely a visual platform which is not like Facebook because Facebook relies on both pictures that are visual and text.

What can your Instagram followers do?

Your Instagram followers can see the posts that you have posted which can either be text or videos on their feed as well as your profile. The number of followers means how many people can view your posts. It is considered that if you have a good number of followers then you are more popular than others. The actors and other celebrities have millions of Instagram followers. 

How much do social media influencers earn?

Many social media influencers have their Instagram accounts managed by their social media manager. The social media manager is a person who manages the order of posts, the advertisement assignment by the brands, and even the Instagram followers of that influencer. Almost all social media influencers make money on Instagram by posting the different type of content on their Instagram account. They earn money according to their contracts with different brands that they collaborate with. If a social media influencer has up to one million Instagram followers then he or she earns up to 10,000 dollars per post.

There are many celebrities whom you can follow on Instagram. One person can follow 7500 people on Instagram. Anyone who tries to follow more people after following 7500 people on Instagram will simply get an error message saying that you cannot follow any more people on Instagram.

Few facts about Instagram:

Sir David Attenborough has broken the Instagram record of gaining the most Instagram followers within 4 hours and 44 minutes. He had 2.5 million Instagram followers within 24 hours of establishing his account. The footballer Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record of the person who has the most Instagram followers that is currently 238 million.