Hair Extension Guide – For Beginners To Select The Best Hair Extension


For people who are looking for the best hair extension guide, here it is. Here you will know everything about hair extension and wigs. How to wear and attach them with your hair and what are the ways to select the best hair extension. People usually hustle hard to find hair extension because of so many alternatives that are provided by different hair extensions salon and different brands.

The extensions are provided in different colours and textures. While choosing a hair extension, you must have clear preferences. That what kind of qualities you are searching for in an extension or wig. It would help if you tried to avoid permanent hair extensions are they use methods like glue and other stuff that can harm your scalp and hair. You can use a synthetic and natural type of hair extensions that you prefer to use.

Below mentioned are the questions that are frequently asked by people for hair extensions:

Best hair extension for you 

For having a natural volume in your hair, you must choose an extension that blend with your lifestyle and natural hair. There are some activities that people love to do on a regular note like swimming, dancing, and some sports. If you do any of these, then clip in hair extensions are best for you. They are the best solution as they are hygienic and last longer than any other extension.

Durability of extension

It is understandable that if you want to know the durability and lifespan of the extension as you are spending your money on it so you must have proper knowledge about it. The time duration of an extension depends on its usage and maintenance. Some people who take good care of their extension are more long-lasting.

However, people who are using them in daily life and are not taking proper care of them cannot be able to use them for a longer time. In-clip, hair extensions are generally the most long-lasting ones. But the people who are buying the higher quality clip extensions can expect the usage of 6 months with maintaining them in a better manner. Tape hair extensions can also be used instead of permanent hair extension.

Can extensions damage hair?

The most asked question is that will hair extension cause damage to your natural hair. The damage depends upon certain things that are –

  • Do the extensions are permanent as they can cause hair damage. So it would be best if you used temporary hair extensions.
  • You must try to avoid sleeping with your hair extensions. This can be very bad for your natural hair, so you must remove or defoliate your wig and hair extensions before going to bed.
  • For protecting your natural hair, you should avoid stressing your hair or do not pull or stretch them with extensions.

If someone is finding it difficult to find hair extensions, they are available online or you’re nearby salon. People can find hair extensions by searching the hair extensions salon near me.