Facts you did not know about facebook advertising


There are facts about facebook advertising for your business which you need to know before you decide to go for facebook accounts buy. The following are some of the facts that you have to know:

Facebook bids are sensitive to seasonality

The entire facebook algorithm is one that is built on a system that is biding which determines a price of an impression that is based on various variable factors. The number of accounts which are bidding on a particular target is one of the factor which tends to influence the price. The more people tend to bid on a particular target, the more expensive it becomes. It is the reason why black Friday, Christmas and other days which are busy which have a higher click cost.

Facebook is known to offer a click to chat ad option

It is not a new thing but it is one of the functions which are least used on facebook. The click to chart campaigns can be considered to be something great when it comes to customer service, and they can be able to set up utilizing the click to website campaign type. The click to chat campaigns is known to work quite well with the users who have visited the website already as they are familiar with the service or product and could have questions before having to commit a purchase.

There is a need for different ad strategies when it comes to facebook placements

At the moment, facebook offers an ad platform encouraging you to create several ad sets which advertise across different devices automatically. But, different devices tend to have different requirements for ads as well as customer behavior. It is recommended that you breakdown your campaigns and the ad sets by the device by maximizing performance.

The deliver is influenced by the amount of text in the image

The more the number of texts you will have in your image, the lower it will make it to be delivered. Facebook normally prefers the posts which have images to have little or no text at all. It will be rewarded with a distribution which is high or a cost that is lower per every impression. At the moment, facebook is classifying the image text ratios as low, ok, medium or high meaning, they are the explanatory units of measure.

Having to refresh ad creative is very important

Majority of the campaigns on facebook don’t normally give advertisers control over the ad delivery frequency to the same user. It can end up creating some discomfort in customers who are potential, driving them away from a potential buy. Advertisers on facebook have to change the creativity of ads and content most of the time to avoid such an issue.

One of the great sources targeting method is the audience insights

To use the audience insights with the data for conversion can be a good source of information for any campaign. It is what provides extra ways of targeting users who are based on their behaviors online, housing situation, purchase habits, and income.