Some essential questions to be answered before


Nowadays, it has become a tradition to hire or book a leading wedding disc jockey for your wedding ceremony. A bride needs a soundtrack after her when she walks down elegantly the aisle to her first dance, and the groom needs music behind him when he and his mate dances, and the guest wants loud music to show their happiness love to the bride and groom. So, it is obvious to say that music plays an integral part on the wedding day.

So crucial things need some clarity first. For which some of the questions are to be answered.

The first for most the primary question is that the Maine Wedding Disc Jockey is available or not. Do you have availability on the desired dates to play their beats?

For how long are they in this career and playing beats and making people go crazy? As there are two types of jockey present in the market, one makes people dance to their music, and the other who can make the people go outraged on the dance floor is the legit performer. Make sure to hire the second one for your special day. You can look for Maine wedding disc jockey for the night.

  1. Always check their background history. Ask about the counts of the music they have played at weddings?
  2. As for them, about how long they have been in this industry and are performing?
  3. How many wedding have they finished or booked per weekends on average? You can come to know about their capacity and power to play wedding music and popularity.
  4. To check more about their capacity and internal power about some events they can do in a day?
  5. Have they ever played or performed at the venue where your wedding will take place?
  6. How are they different from others?
  7. Why should you hire them?
  8. How can they describe their performance in 3 words?
  9. Can they give you a special discount?
  10. Do they offer the service of live music?
  11. Can they provide you with their recent performance footage as proof?
  12. How flexible is your music library? What parts of music can you cover?
  13. Have you ever performed on wedding songs, or do to have a list of wedding songs?
  14. Do you have an updated collection of music/songs?
  15. Will you be able to set the stage on fire?
  16. Will you be able to make the day a lifetime memory?
  17. Do you take arrest time? If yes, then for how long?
  18. Will you obey the guest request for the music?
  19. How will you make the guest shake their legs on the dance floor if no one is dancing?
  20. What are your terms and conditions? If any?
  21. Will you allow making memorandum in your playlist?
  22. How would you describe your performing style?
  23. For you, what is the best music for a wedding?

So, as you can see, there are some questions to ask before hiring a Maine wedding disc jockey. Don’t try to rush on the decision. Be gentle and intelligent while selecting a DJ jockey for your best night, as one wrong step can ruin your wedding night.