How to Create a Custom Lucite Deal Toys


What comes to your mind when you hear the word Lucite? Do you know anything about Lucite? Well, don’t worry as this article is elaborating more about it.

In recent years, the term “Lucite” has been used frequently to mean the same as “deal toy.” But actually, the term refers to materials used to make an actual award. To be precise, Lucite is a trade name used for acrylic.

There are other names used for Lucite that you may hear in the near future such as; glass, or acrylic glass, plexi or plexiglass.

Why are the Acrylic Deal Toys very popular?

Just as it has been mentioned, Lucite is a material that is very popular that is used to make deal toys. But why? Lucite is available in all colors of material; you can choose your preferred color and also can come up with different designs.

You have the freedom of transforming it to be as you wish; you can make it fluorescent, translucent, opaque, stone-like, and even marbleized. What’s more about this? You will have an easier and flexible piece to work on. It has light weight giving easy time during the time of fixation.

98% of Acrylic is recyclable and can with ease be turned back to the state of monomer and plenty of other products. Deal toys are easily transportable because of the material that it is made of acrylic. This doesn’t use a lot of fuel hence making the cost of transportation relatively low.

What are the benefits of using deal toys Investment

It comes with a feeling of accomplishment that is as a result of overcoming trying moments that makes people feel much more empowered and pushes them to continue making progress and raising financial bars higher.

The deal gift is an awesome gift with the potential of evoking emotions that can motivate the recipient towards saving with a purpose of achieving a certain goal.

Deal toy investments are also accompanied by a sense of security. This means, when an individual is assured that the deal toy has the potential of overcoming any kind of destruction such as fire, theft, advised whether conditions. It is only then can they invest.

Treasures are always only stored in secure places, where you alone can access whenever you need it. When you have deal toy investment, you will be compelled to save, therefore, it does act as a source of motivation.

Deal toy investment has an embodiment of a clock of commitment.

Deal toy investment has an implanted time that acts as a fixed commitment interval. This is to say, one can choose to set the date that he wants to access his investments. After you have made the selection, you cannot access your investment until the time that you committed yourself arrives.

Another option is concerning the amount that one wants to raise, For instance, if you commit to raise $1 million and make a deposit of $500,000. Even the deposited amount will be inaccessible until the full stated sum is achieved.


Deal toys are a best bet when it comes to home investment. They also cut down unnecessary expenses that you would incur especially when visiting some financial institution.