Finding Quality Carpet Manufacturers in Melbourne


With the availability of a wide variety of carpet manufacturers in Melbourne, getting the best for your home is easier than ever. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is best. But it doesn’t have to be. By weighing factors such as price, quality, customer service, and how they do business, you will be able to choose the right carpet manufacturer in Melbourne for your needs. Below is a brief rundown of some of the top-rated carpet manufacturers in Melbourne, Australia.

Godfrey Hirst: Godfrey Hirst founded in 1852 and is primarily known for their carpet and rugs. They offer high quality materials that are made from recycled rubber, which have been repaired and refinished to create beautiful and affordable floor coverings. Their affordable prices make them a favorite among homeowners everywhere.

Royal Doulton: Doulton is known for providing customers with the highest quality at a reasonable price. They carry styles ranging from country elegance to traditional, depending on your preferences. They are proud of their “Green Score” reputation and use recycled rubber in their carpets and rugs, which save the environment. They also offer a lifetime warranty on all of their carpets, giving you peace of mind that they will last a lifetime.

Carpet World: This is an American brand that has many fans all over the world. They have classic, oriental, and formal designs in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. They boast the most extensive carpet assortment available in the United States. They offer competitive prices and a lifetime warranty on their carpets and rugs. With such a huge selection, there is something for everyone.

Carpet World Wide: This is an Australian company that specializes in imported, lightweight carpets. They carry the widest array of colors and textures, including colors that are vibrant, warm, or cool. They are made of high quality materials, and you can find them at reasonable prices. You can take advantage of special offers, like free shipping when you purchase five or more carpets. They are environmentally conscious and work hard to keep their manufacturing processes as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Joflimate: This Japanese company is one of the most popular carpet manufacturers in Melbourne. They provide both indoor and outdoor carpeting and rugs. Many of their products are also exported to other countries. They use eco-friendly products and do not contribute to deforestation. The carpet designs are innovative and are known for their attention to detail.

Carpet World: This company is owned by two Americans who live in Australia. They started out making carpet in their home town in Australia before expanding to other areas. They use Australian wool fibers, which are very durable and will last a long time. They have an impressive selection of carpet styles, including solids, weaves, ribbon, stripes, and floral patterns. You can get a carpet to matchjust about any decor.

Rainboots Company: This company is a division of Carpet World. It provides consumers with a large collection of floor coverings, including carpets, rugs, and mats. Some of the carpet manufacturers in Melbourne that are part of the Carpet World group are Kudos Carpets, Bruce Park, and Borders Carpets. Some of the collections include projects that were made for the Australian Royal Household. They all use quality materials and employ environmentally friendly processes.

Carpet World: This company has been producing high quality carpets and rugs for more than a century. They have factories in New South Wales, Ireland, and Canada. They strive to produce only the highest quality products. The company also recycles and reuses any excess fiber they receive. They want you to have a comfortable experience with their products.

Carpet World: This manufacturer is well-known for its carpeting. It offers a variety of colors and styles that will meet your needs. They offer both indoor and outdoor carpeting. You can choose from their Heritage Series and their Art Series. They also offer water-resistant products.

Rainboots Carpets: This manufacturer produces carpets and rugs that are both comfortable and durable. They use the highest quality wool fibers available. They take special care to make sure the colors will not fade over time. You can find carpeting for all rooms of your home including indoors and outdoors.