Various Types Of PMI-PMP Certification You Should Know About!


It is clear from first glance that the project management professional exam is an arduous, long examination. The duration of the exam is 4 hours long, and there are 200 questions on each paper. This, on average, amounts to a minute and 12 seconds for each question given to a student to pass the exam. The average would drop if you take out time for the brakes, which you probably will give into the direction of the PMP dumps exam for certification.

In addition, the PMP exam is a closed book exam that means you will have not any reference material to add you with your exams and prepare for it. All you need to have a good memory because this will put your memory to the test. It is also possible that sometimes you need to jump on blank or jumble up what is going on. There is the best way to get good marks in the exam.

Different types of certification

Here is the list of different types of PMP dumps and project management institute certification, which is very important to understand by each and every person who is qualified for the exam. The crucial points are as follows.


The PMP (project management professional) certificate is considered the globally recognized project manager post-certification, which is offered by PMI (project management institute), a US nonprofit professional organization. If you qualify for the institute’s exam, you will be able to stand out compared to the other certificate available in the project management course.

This is because it is not only focused on a particular location, industry, or methodology. Instead, it would be required to you to understand the best practices and principles of the project management professional system, and when it did, that would have the skills, experience, and must have knowledge about the competency required for leading any project.


PgMP (The program management professional) certificate is intended for the intermediate or senior project managers who manage multiple and related projects in a single exam and get the certificate. These projects are coordinated to achieve the benefits that any individual would not be able to accomplish without having the experience of working on them alone. Holding a PMP dumps certificate credential will help you to understand the difference between the project manager role and the program manager role, which are two different aspects.

If you have the certificate of PMP from PMI, you can still apply for a PgMP certificate without having any credentials.
Therefore, these are the variance project management professional dump exam certification; you can get by clearing the exam from project management institutes.

Final words

To conclude this article, we have mainly focused on some significant aspects of the PMP dumps exam certification for the project manager post. We have also defined about different types of certifications that people can get if they want to become a successful project manager in the company and achieve the desired goal.