The best place to acquire specialized equipment and get certified in the fire door inspection


All Things Inspector is the complete site for professionals who want to dedicate themselves to the inspection of construction sites. From this site, they can be certified in the fire door inspection given the importance of these specifications for building doors in civil works.

The spaces where the doors are located in the different civil construction designs require compliance with strict standards to provide the required functionality and security.

From this site, builders can acquire all the detailed knowledge to enforce the necessary standards in each door installation.

All Things Inspector is also the supplier of door gap gauge that allows you to make exact measurements of the size and gap of doors and meet the standards and specifications.

These are professional tools that simplify measurement and calculation tasks and allow you to optimize resources.

Inspections are more efficient if the specialized person has the opportunity to rely on these measuring instruments. People can be trained and obtain the appropriate equipment for an efficient door gap and gap measurement and inspection task from this site.

Perfectly measured doors

For the design, construction, and installation of doors, good measuring equipment is indispensable to ensure a safe and functional finish.

It is very important to calculate the door gauge to be appropriate for the place where it will be installed. Otherwise, it will not provide durability or aesthetics in the construction.

The equipment that door installation builders and inspectors can find on All Things Inspector simplifies the measurement job and perform it with the necessary precision.

All these elements are the best compliment for construction. Their use is key when validating the proper installation of doors in different construction designs.


Safety comes first

Inspections are necessary to ensure the quality of construction work, especially when examining details like fire door gap gauge.

It must exactly meet the appropriate specifications to ensure safety and operation in the event of an emergency. With the ability, experience, and the most appropriate measuring instrument, it is a very task that can be performed easily and reliably. When safety comes first, All Things Inspector solutions are very close to the professionals.