19 Wallpaper Options for Your Walls


A wallpaper (behang) is a woven (fabric) or non-woven (paper) material decoratively printed to decorate the interior walls of domestic houses or public buildings. It is applied using wallpaper paste, which is made to stick on the wall. The wallpapers are used to cover a not-so-attractive wall, minor wall defects or uneven surfaces.

Wallpaper (Behang) are printed in different designs. There are those with flowers, photos, 3D designs among others. In this article we focus on 19 types of wallpapers that are commonly used today, and those that you can find in your nearest store:

  • Vliesbehang– this type of wallpaper has movie pictures and film decors taking most of its parts. You could use it for your bedroom walls or better still in movie shops.
  • Fotobehang– these have different photos painted on the non-woven paper. They could be photos of cities, motors among others.
  • Vintage behang– they got cool colors and pictures on them and are perfect for living rooms. Examples are muted floral, vase design, checked patterns.
  • Trendy behang– these have a metallic effect making them perfect for a minimalist room.
  • Natuurbehang– these have nature images printed on them. They could be mountain images, seas, oceans, beach, landscape, etc.
  • Design behang– these have a variety of different designs printed on it. They could be flowers, 3D or any other.

  • Kalkbehang– these have a single color printed on them. You could find a cool lime green wallpaper, grey among others.
  • Betonbehang– they have a real-looking effect of a real concrete or cement printed on them.
  • Industrieelbehang– they have an impression of architectural style and perspective with an illusion of shapes and textures such as concrete.
  • Behangexclusief– they are highly versatile and have a sophisticated finish look
  • Behangklassiek– these wallpapers have traditional/historical style patterns drawn on them
  • Modern behang– they give your walls a touch of glam as they take in the latest designs such as concrete
  • Behangsteen– have an appealing faux look which makes it perfect for your kitchen, living room or bathroom.
  • Behang 3D– these have 3 dimensional images or graphics printed on them, giving the depth of your walls
  • Behangsteenmotief– it imitates the natural look of stones or bricks giving your walls a natural-stone look
  • Bloemenbehang– these could be flowery stickers or the wallpapers could have flowers painted on them
  • Bos behang– these have woodlands or trees such as pine, birch or palms that give an illusion of a forest
  • Houtbehang– this is an inexpensive wallpaper made of wood veneer that contains chips of wood at the base of the finished side. It is ideal for covering some wall defects.
  • Kinderkamerbehang– these have cool colors and different images such as cartoons, dolls and their favorite animals printed on them.


It is not enough to have plain walls. You can give them a good finishing with your favorite design that will make them look better. The wallpapers mentioned above are some of the options you could go for.