Synopsis for Water Filters available in the market


Water is abundantly available around us, but as we know that not all of it is ready to be consumed, we need one or other type of water filter to make it pure for drinking. But why just for drinking? Using purified water for other purposes like bathing or cleaning can also prove equally healthy. So what are the options available? Let’s delve deep into the topic to discuss different impurities present in the water and what kind of cleaner might help.

 What else comes along with the water supply?

Although municipal water supply is treated favorably to get the maximum rid number of impurities during the propagation of water from storage to households, it comes into contact with many elements inside the pipeline. Also, a preferred amount of chlorine is added to this water, which needs to be removed for pure drinking water. Other than this, there could be rust, dust, and many bacteria as well.

 Sediment Filters

Sediment filters are effective in removing particles ranging between 1-100 microns in size. Few examples of sediments are dust, dirt, sand, debris, etc. It is common to find such contaminants in open water body source. Water filters consider this in the pre-filter process, where these regularities are removed before the actual filtration begins. These substances are not only harmful to consume but can also damage the filter itself.

Activated carbon filters can prove much effective in this process as they can remove the sediments and are also useful in chlorine removal, making the water free of odor and false taste. A water pitcher or a faucet filter typically has a single filter, usually a carbon filter, and is convenient for small freshwater requirements like a few glasses.

 Popular RO Water Filter

An RO water filter is the popular choice among regular households as it not only removes the sediments but is also good at getting rid of many other micro-organisms such as bacteria. Not only this, but it also removes the hardness of the water by eliminating unrequired minerals and other heavy particles from it.RO filters can also get rid of dissolved chemicals or other such pollutants.

 Modern world UV Purifiers 

These cleaners have UV lamps inside them and kill micro-organisms and viruses present in the water. They are faster than RO purifiers in doing so. They require an electricity supply to run through and are therefore a relatively expensive option to opt for. But UV purifiers are not helpful n dealing with other impurities like sediments or dissolved chemicals in the water.

 Customizable whole house filters 

Whole house filters come in different customizable options and can serve freshwater for all-purpose from drinking to cleaning. These are installed in combinations of various filter parts like sediment filter, RO filter, Salt-free water conditioner, etc. Water filtration brand aquasana has a great catalog of whole-house filters and are best in quality. One can choose the required element and design a tailored filter system for themselves.