File Formats and Tools to Edit Them


Documents are crucial for the presentation of your information and for sharing the information among each other or use for presenting the information in a specific manner, we generally use different formats for this purpose. If you are planning to share information with someone, another person may want the information in some other format, so in that case, you need to convert the document into that specific format. Many documents have great feasibility in terms of data storage as they can embed fonts of any kind, various images, and colors. You just need a perfect set of tools and an editor to create a good file document. Many online editing tools charge you with money for the format change and editing purpose, but still, some free editors ensure you the same quality editing free of cost. There are some cloud-based pdf editor over the internet that can edit your documents for free. There is a powerful range of tools on these online platforms that only edit or modify the documents but also can convert them into different other formats of your choice.

Optical Character Recognition

There are a bunch of websites over the internet that provide the facility of editing and formatting the documents online using their extensive set of tools. However, some people look for that particular website that along with other basic tools also provides optical character recognition options for the documents. OCR is a technique to identify the characters from the file and extracts the contents from it. Some websites over the internet come with this feature and it proves to be valuable in case of having a file that is actually a photocopy of the original document or if the data is hand-written on that particular document. Optical character recognition efficiently recognizes the data from the document and yields all the recognized characters into a separate file. This optical character recognition feature is not available in other formats of documents that give file format an edge over other file formats.

A Range of Tools

There is so much to do within a file or a document as you can add pictures in it, different fonts can be added that are viewable on any device, different color schemes can be used, and many other tools. Online editors have also made it so easy to edit pdf online or decorate any kind of file the way you want. Markers of different colors can be used to highlight the important details within the file or a document. You can even write content by moving a cursor to focus on important details of the document that you want to represent to another person. Watermark support is another great feature that allows you to add an extra layer of security to your document. You can place the logo or name of the organization at the back of the document as an impression so that everyone can know that it belongs to you.

Another very great feature is the addition of E-signing. This is another very secure and much-needed feature that allows you to add an impression of a digital signature on your documents to give them a more unique and professional look.