Strategies to get more Instagram followers


Instagram is one of the most popular and highly used social networking app right with over 200 million active members. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networking apps because everyone uses this app due to its load of functions and minimal design. Instagram is not only used for fun purposes but also most of the businesses use this platform for serious content marketing and promotion of brands. You can get real Instagram followers using many of the online websites and applications available to get followers on your account. In order to target your followers and audience, you should clear the goal that you want to fulfill and the reason for which you made the account. A clear goal may help you attract the ideal audience for your Instagram account.

Using Giveaways to Increase Followers

Most of the Instagram accounts use this basic technique to increase their Instagram followers by organizing different contests on their Instagram account or different giveaways. This strategy proves to be quite successful in order to grow real Instagram followers in your social network. If you want quickly grow Instagram followers on your account you may use this strategy. Content creators and other people on Instagram also partner with a popular influencer to advertise their message or giveaway announcement to make it more exciting. The people who listen to this influencer more often will decide to participate in this giveaway or the promotion and that may eventually lead to an increase in Instagram followers. This strategy proves to be quite strong and powerful in order to gain the maximum followers in a short time or if you are just starting out your business and want to grow Instagram followers in your online appearance.

Before making an announcement about the giveaway on your account, make sure to organize a proper strategy to target your Instagram followers. You can also organize multiple small giveaways to make things look more exciting and promising. Also, make sure to post the names of the winners on your account after the giveaway event ends.

Making use of New Instagram Tools

Instagram keeps on working to bring new exciting tools to its users to make things exciting and enjoyable for the community. Instagram has introduced new features recently in the form of Live Stories and IGTV which are very popular nowadays. Whenever Instagram introduces a new feature into their app, it expects people to use these features. The accounts that use these features are highlighted by Instagram and they get more reach for using these new tools and eventually get Instagram followers. Many Instagram accounts see a surge in their popularity just by using these new features. When people see these newly introduced tools by Instagram, they also use them in their accounts. Live is a very important feature launched by Instagram because now you can start a live session with your followers just by clicking a single button. IGTV is also a very popular feature that provides the facility of uploading long-duration posts into Instagram because by default it provides uploading of a one-minute video.