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What are stuffed animals for?

Stuffed animals help children take the first step towards independence. The world can seem very big, scary, and overwhelm at times without your parents’ protection. With a stuffed friend like teddy bears, children can feel like they have a protector always with them, giving them the confidence to explore the world independently.

Also, they help children to understand more complex emotions. Children can learn to control their emotions by opening new avenues of communication to express their feelings.

Additionally, these help children to perfect their speech and language. The children speak aloud with their plush stuffed animals, and thus, at the same time, they are listening to what their voice sounds like. It is a way of discovering the best way to say what you want to say and practicing your pronunciation. After all, the more a child talks to either her stuffed animals or to you, the more she is practicing her communication skills.

The best-stuffed toys

A clinic recently revealed that patients who have stuffed animals in their rooms frequently havea borderline personality disorder. These soft companions during the day help those affected to calm down and at night to fall asleep.

Stuffed animals have a protective and, at the same time, useful effect as they provide warmth and comfort. Scientists at the University Hospital Ulm found that borderline personality disorder patients also create a strong emotional bond with stuffed animals. These dolls benefit your ability to regulate feelings and emotions.