Your dog is aggressive because of several reasons.

Poor Breeding.

Bad breeding means if a dog’s parents could adapt successfully to stress traumas and chronic resilience that will help the dog become aggressive.

 Bad Puppy Upbringing

When the puppy didn’t have proper socialization, and the puppy didn’t have the opportunity to learn how to play and solve problems.


Dogs observe and learn all the time. If they have learned that crying gets attention or that biting you leaves them in peace, they’re likely to continue this behavior indefinitely.

Hormonal Influence

Studies have shown that hormones like vasopressin may play a role in dog aggression.

Bad owners or lack of education in dog owners sometimes unknowingly help the dog develop this behavior by not knowing what is good for the dog and how to help the dog behave in general, and that may cause the dog to build aggression.

 Stressful Lifestyle

An exhausting dog’s lifestyle and improper diet are some of the main reasons why dogs develop aggression.

Wrong Correctional Skills

Some dog owners use force to punish lousy dog behavior. The owners may use force or domination to help the dog to get over the aggression. However, this may bring distrust and cause the dog to be defensive. They can develop even extreme destructive behaviors like biting and barking uncontrollably.

Bad Leadership

One of the most important things is learning to be a good leader for your dog because dogs love to listen to whoever they feel is in charge. And in fact, dogs seek leadership. When you lose control on your dog they tend to dominate and do things without following instructions.

Misinterpretation Of The Dog’s Behavior

Poor judgment of a dog’s behavior may cause them to develop defensive techniques to express themselves. They may adapt to being aggressive and even bites. In order to understand the behavior of your dog correctly, you need to minutely observe everything that surrounds them and their reactions to different things. What makes them happy and what upsets them, you should try to gain knowledge about this. Also, you must know which food treats your dog loves. It plays a major role in dog training as you can read in brain training for dogs review.

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