Reasons why you should hire an outside audiovisual company


With several in-house audio visual company in the recent past, it is easy for meeting and event planners to feel like the hotel’s AV company is what you should use. That is what hotels would like you to believe because it will make them get a commission when you go for the in-house company.

But with less competition, consistency, and service at the in house, companies can decide to take a back seat. If you hire an outside AV company, the following are what you should expect.

One point of contact for all your events

If you have about 10 similar events in hotels in the country throughout the year, it means you will be working with various people each time. You will need to explain your details each time you are holding your ten events, learn the ten different people’s working styles, and cross your fingers that nothing doesn’t get lost in the translation.

With an outside AV visual company, you will use the same one across all the ten events, making uniformity and saving time of having to debrief the organizer for each event. They will make your life easier as they know the event inside outside.

They know the type of speaker that always comes late for rehearsal, making executive likes to make last-minute changes while onsite. They will be your one time contact when you have a question, need to make any change, or want to add extra events on the calendar.

Consistency in each event

Most people complain about having it hard to predict the onsite experience when you work with various AV companies. Each venue and its crew will be different, becoming tough to know precisely how to prepare and how to be involved.

When you work with a nationwide company, the top priority tends to be ensuring the event can run smoothly wherever it is held. They are used to running various events yearly, and most of them run in hotels, so you know what details to gather beforehand for success.

And because it will be the same team that manages all the details you have, there is no need to get worried about the unpredictable service or the outcome.

Same branding, same look, same feel

You will have a common scenario and which will be a plus for you. If you happen to have a series of public events, having the same AV company doing the audio will ensure uniformity without having a different setup.

When you are out looking for predictability, branding the brand consistently, having an outside nationwide AV company could do you more justice to ensure your brand is guarded. You will expect the same results because you will be using the same expert to keep the brand presence and consistency as the top of mind.

One go crew for all your needs at the event

A corporate event is quite crucial. When you have an event, you might want to have ipads for check-in, fast event wifi, to ensure that all the attendees stay connected. And that is something you will get by going for the outside AV company.