Best flower choices for your event


Everybody knows that flowers are used to express emotions and feelings at events. However, what is not known by everybody is that different flowers serve different purposes. There are flowers that should only be used at weddings and jovial events and others that are meant for funerals and gloomy events. The choice has to be made carefully to match the goal or type of event. This article will highlight some of the events where flowers are used. However, if you need coroane funerare Cluj is a good place to start your search.

Weddings and private parties

It goes without saying that weddings are the number one event where people spent a small fortune to buy flowers and hire florists to make flower patterns for them. Statistically, a couple that met within the past one year spend not less than 2 thousand US dollars on decorating the event and flowers make a big part of decoration.

Private parties such as anniversaries, religious gatherings, and birthdays all call for use of some level of floral design to make the events more memorable. Since these events are not limited by marketing and/or branding goals, there is a lot of freedom involved in the choice of floral designs and patterns. People choose their flowers and flower arrangements based on their tastes and preferences.

Brand or Product Launch

The use of flowers is not limited to individuals. Corporate entities such as companies, organizations, and even governments use them. However, the choice of flower arrangements and decorations employed by corporate entities is usually limited by corporate goals. The flowers are meant to send a certain message and must be chosen carefully. The flower arrangements can range from tabletop products to extravagant flower photo walls.

The use of floral imagery is also used heavily by companies in their marketing efforts. Floral imagery creates lasting impressions in the minds of the target group and anyone else that sees it. Good examples of cases where floral imagery is used is on printed postcards, business cards, and event registration graphics. The use of flowers is however limited to certain industries. For instance, natural products and/or gorgeous blooms are highly expected in hospitality and beauty industries. On the other hand, you do not expect the same in technology industry.

Internal Company Meeting

Flowers may not be commonly used in marketing technology-oriented companies, but they are a commonplace in internal meetings regardless of the industry. As such, if you are in charge of organizing internal meetings for a technology, do not be afraid of using flower designs and arrangements. In fact, you should even take some classes or lessons to improve your skills in floral designs to improve the visual aspect of the internal meetings you organize.

Ceremonies and galas are some of the events where flowers are used heavily too. It is almost awkward to find a ceremony or a gala that does not have flowers. So please do not make your awkward by skipping flowers because trust me, it will be awkward.