How To Convert PDF Files To Word Documents?


Today, because of the availability of a variety of software, it becomes easy to convert your pdf to word online. The process takes just a few minutes to convert your PDF file. The PDF file is used to compile all the documents in one place. PDF files are mainly used at the time of presentations or for making some notes. The major drawback of a PDF file is that you can’t make any changes to it. To make any changes in your file, the first step is to convert your PDF file to a word document. This step is essential for editing purposes.

For converting a PDF file to a Word document, you no need to follow any complicated process. The procedure involved in converting is very simple and straightforward. You need to follow few steps for converting your PDF file.


There are many options available to convert the pdf to word online, but we will study how to convert the PDF file by using Microsoft Word document in this article. Let’s discuss these steps in detail:


Step 1: Open Microsoft Word


The first step involved in converting your file is to open the Microsoft Word application. After opening, the next step is to click on the ‘file’ button.


Step 2: Open your PDF file


For converting the file, you need to open PDF on Microsoft Word. Click on the ‘open’ button on the pop-up menu bar. The next step is to choose the PDF file you want to convert on OneDrive, a local device, or your computer. Select the PDF file and click on the ‘open’ button.


Step 3: Start converting your PDF file


At this step, Microsoft will send you a warning related to the conversion of PDF files to editable Word document. Now you need to click on the ‘OK’ button to start converting your PDF file.

The process will take a few seconds. After the conversion of your pdf to word online, you can easily edit the text or make some other changes to it. The Word file might look different from the original PDF.


Step 4: converted Word document


After clicking on the OK button, Microsoft Word will transfer all the content of the PDF file to Word Document and open it. Now you can make any changes to your text and also check whether all the content is available that you want to edit.


Final words


At last, these are some of the steps that may guide you to convert your pdf to word online. These steps will take your few minutes. After converting your file to a word document, you can easily edit the text and make your current file changes. The conversion process is easy as you need to follow these above mentioned four steps.


Apart from converting through Microsoft word, there are other options also available to convert the PDF file to a word document; some of them are Google Docs, Adobe ExportPDF Service, Adobe Acrobat, and many more. You can choose any option among them which are more suitable for you. Converting the PDF file to a Word document is easy with Microsoft Word.