Benefits of having a business license


Even if you don’t require a business license to operate a business, according to the Louisiana business license, having one comes with benefits and abilities you will not have if you have the business name alone.  The business licenses are affordable and very easy to file with the secretary of state. In most instances, the secretary of state’s office will give you a form that you will have to provide to obtain a business license.

Bragging rights

Having a business license helps you to have the confidence to talk about the license. A business licensed in whatever form you choose to incorporate the business provides an aura and prestige to your business, which will attract customers and investors. Having to approach potential investors and customers and share the information about your licensing data shows that you have invested and are dedicated to the company’s success.

Tax rights

A business that is licensed is an entity that is entirely separate from the owner. What it means is that the taxes for the company are separately filed from your returns. While it might require you to have to file and complete a separate tax return, it will give you the opportunity of deducting the business expenses, which you might not be in a position to deduct on your taxes. Also, separating your personal and business taxes makes it easier to report the income and any other business losses.

Guidelines for record-keeping

The secretary of state’s office might provide the businesses licensed with the guidelines and any other business assistance to help the small businesses grow. It is advice that could be given free of charge if the company you run meets particular standards like employee numbers or the amount of income it generates for a specific year. Free information regarding how to legally and adequately operate can enable your business to flourish.

Personal protection

While using your name as the name for the business could add a personal element to the industry, it doesn’t protect you against your company’s liability for injury and damages. Apart from that, it puts your company’s assets at risk if you are personally liable for the injury or damages.

Depending on how you form and end up licensing your business, a licensed company protects the owner from certain liability. If an injury or damage occurs due to the business doings or action, your finances will not be at stake in any same settlement. If you become personally liable for a particular injury to another person, the business’s finances will not be affected and, thus, not accessible for the said injury’s settlement. You have to remember that various licenses offer different protection levels.

Access to information

When you operate a licensed business, it could provide you with access to specific groups that you might not access if you did not have a license. Some companies will not permit you to join if your company was not licensed.