As the awareness of global warming is increasing people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint in whatever small way they can. A lot of people are skeptical of doing this as they believe that one small step by a small number of people won’t make a different. But here is different way looking at it. Imagine how the plastic crises happened, it started with a small number of people using plastic and that increased to a country and slowly to the whole world, maybe that will happen with reducing carbon footprint. One family will start doing it and maybe their neighbors will get inspired and start doing it as well and this will slowly create a chain. Every small step counts. There are a lot of ways of reducing your carbon footprint, it can range from small things which don’t even cost anything but only effort to some big things which might some upfront capital. It totally depends on how you want to do it. There are a lot of services and companies which can help you take the first steps if you are serious about it. But as a beginner looking to try something on their own here is a small list of things you can do.



Let’s start with the big one, this might take some upfront capital in the beginning but in the long run can be really beneficial. So why use solar panels? The answer is simple, the electricity you buy is most probably coming from a coal plant and costs a lot of money, sometimes you don’t even realize it. If you set up solar panels on your roof or your garden it will produce and store electricity for you all day, these days the technology and installation cost is not even that much, and one or two panels is enough to power one whole room. Over the long run you will end up saving a lot of money because of reduced power costs. For example, solar installation las vegas has been booming because of the demand and the fact that solar companies Las Vegas have been offering really low rates for installation and customized plans for homes.


If you notice around your house the amount of plastic waste which is being generated, you will be shocked. It’s true that you can’t get rid of plastic completely, but you can try reducing its use wherever possible. Like using jute or cloth bags instead of plastic ones while grocery shopping. Try to notice the small things in which you are using plastic such as zip-lock bags and bottles, containers. The alternative to plastic is usually much healthier and at the same cost when compared.



Most families don’t even realize that amount of waste they are generating and not even on purpose. Take a look at the amount of food or water which is being wasted on daily basis and try to control the amount.