A Complete Guide On Printing Check In Bulk


A check is nothing but a written, dated, and signed a document that directs the bank to pay a certain sum of money to the check holder. The person who is writing the check will be the payor, and the person on whom the check is drawn is the payee.


On a daily basis, the bank deals with thousands of check, so it is advisable for them to do the bulk check printing as it will not only help in reducing their overall cost, but it will also help them in saving their time as they will not have to again and again for getting the check printed.

Cost analyses of printing check in bulk?


If you want to reduce the overall cost of printing, you must first analyse the total cost incurred on printing checks. Various types of costs involve and make the total cost of the check. The main components of the check are paper and ink. The different cost involved in check are:



This is the main cost incurred even if you make the check-in small quantity or high quantity. So in order to balance the labour cost, it is advisable to do bulk check printing so that the overall cost decreases.


Delivery charges:

These are the charges that are also added to the check’s cost, but they will be incurred according to the quantity of delivery.


Material cost:

These are the cost incurred on paper, ink. That will also depend on the number of checks you are printing.


Types of equipment:

These include the printer, depreciation expense, and cost of other material that is required for the process of printing.


Out of the above costs mentioned, the delivery charges and material used charges will depend on the number of checks, but the other two costs will be incurred whether you print in bulk or small quantity, so in order to balance the overall cost, it is advisable to order in bulk.


Points to keep in mind at the time of printing check in bulk


  • Try to give the order in advance so that you get the check of good quality and chances of errors are minimized. If you order in advance, you can even reduce the cost as you can arrange to bring the check at a low cost.
  • Ask the printer to give you a single copy so that you can check the alignment, matter, and look of the check. If there is any requirement for any changes, then you can make it at that point in time.
  • Get the complete detail of the printer from whom are getting the check printed as if you will select a good and reputed person; then you will feel much relaxed as you will have trust in him.
  • Even once visit the place where your checks will be printed so that you can check the quality of the paper and ink been used.




If you will keep the above points in mind and manage the overall cost of bulk printing, you will get the right quality products in your budget.