How to grow your YouTube channel


YouTube is the biggest platform for the content creators in the world, it is also the second most used website in the world second to Google only. Everyone is trying to post unique content on YouTube and earn from the monetization of the platform. YouTube is constantly making changes in its rules and regulations to ensure that the best content reaches the audience. Some users try to Buy YouTube viewswhich does help initially but is not the solution at all. Therefore, make sure that you focus on your content strategy for growing your followers. We are going to discuss some tips for growing your YouTube channel.

The settings of your channel 

The first important thing to consider is the optimization of your channel before starting working on content creation. The icon of the channel should have a professional look and the channel art should be attractive. The About section of your channel should provide complete details regarding your channel and what you are going to post from this platform. The contact information of your channel should be up to date, this would help you get in touch with the potential customers or the brand partners which may require help from you.

Select your goals before posting content on your handle 

When you are planning to start your YouTube channel, you must have goals in your mind. You should know about your target audience and then start posting content on your handle. You don’t need to make videos for everyone, just focus on your target audience and your content would help you reach that goal. Sometimes people start posting general videos, you need to select a specific topic and post content on that topic only.

Research before posting content 

After understanding your target customers, it is important to find keywords that are high in demand and make videos on those keywords in your niche first. YouTube is like a search engine where people search for different things, your videos should be optimized as well for the search engines and for the viewers as well. You can also use ads for promoting your content but the best way to increase your views is by ranking your videos in the search results. You can get help from free tools like the Google Keyword Planner for finding out the right keywords for your videos.

Understand the YouTube algorithm 

It is also important to understand the YouTube algorithm and see what all things are important for ranking your videos. The algorithm of YouTube not only helps in ranking your videos but also gives suggestions to the other users. You need to find your ideal viewers and then target them using your videos.


In short, you need to understand how these platforms work and the post your content on them accordingly, you cannot grow your channel by randomly posting content on your channel. Your first few videos would help you understand what users are looking for on these platforms so that you can make changes in your content strategy accordingly.