How can you get new Facebook Likes?


Buy Facebook likes, at first, may seem like a good deal that only improves according to the available plans to increase the number of likes and discounts. However, observing this action with more criteria, can destroy this trend that grows day by day in the world.

Despite the apparent benefits offered by sellers of likes, such as the promise that all these likes come from real people, some even “volunteers”, reality shows that paying to increase the number of your fans on Facebook can be a real disaster.

To show you that the downsides of this type of business outweigh any benefits, we wrote this article.

First of all, where do those likes come from?

Have you ever wondered where so many likes come from?Some sites even offer packages with more than 5000 likes, which appear on your page as if by magic in a matter of days. For this, just pay a small amount for the package and watch the numbers grow. What no one knows for sure is who are those people who like your publications almost instantly.

According to those companies, these are real people. However, little information is provided on these.

  • What are their ages?
  • What city do they live in?
  • What do you like?
  • Are they men or women?

All these fundamental data to build any qualified audience are ignored by sellers of likes.But after all, what’s wrong with this? I’ll increase the number of likes anyway right? Isn’t that what matters? ” No dear friend, this is not what matters.

Quantity vs quality

The problem with buy Facebook likes, coming from people who don’t have any information, is that you seriously damage the levels of participation on your page. In the end, it is precisely this participation that really matters, since these people become leads. Imagine a situation in which a company offers products exclusively for the female audience and the “likes” that you acquire after buying the package are mostly men. This is an example of what can happen.

In this way, by paying for complete strangers to like your page, you will increase the number of likes, yes. But not participation. We understand participation as:

  • Comments
  • Likes in photos
  • shares

And much more actions that add value to your fanpage.

The result is a drop in the reach of your posts. This means that, despite the high number of likes on the page, fewer and fewer people, especially real fans, will be watching the content you publish. This is due to the Facebook algorithms that define which links will appear in the timeline and always prioritize those with the highest levels of engagement.

And if this is not reason enough to give up the idea of ​​buying fake likes, there is still another disastrous consequence for this type of action. As you don’t know who these people are who like your page, there is a risk that some people may not like your content and report your page. Which will make your score even worse for Facebook’s criteria.