A Guide To Make Extra Cash By Custom Pet Portraits


Are you a painter? And Want to earn extra money? If yes, be prepared and get ready; the market is ready for your services. The custom pet portraits are trending these days. People love their pets more than anything. They treat them as their family members, and why not? They are always our good companions and love us beyond the limit. People love to cherish the moments spent with them and so get a portrait of their pet framed.


If you are a painter, illustrator, or photographer, getting into these portraiture businesses will offer you profitable dealings. If you possess such skills, choosing this as a career option will add charm to your bright future. A gorgeous pet picture can easily capture the attention of the crowd and make them remember your work. They will make frequent visits to offer you commissioned pet portraits of their near and dear one’s pet as well.


Why are pet portraits more in trend?


If one is not having a pet or being a pet lover, you can choose this as a beautiful present to surprise your pet lover friend or relatives. It is a fascinating gift which holds a special place in their heart. It is a unique gift item that shows how careful you are about their emotions and feelings. That’s why these pet portraits are becoming the most popular.


Here are some tips which you should consider before entering the market. Let us discuss them in detail-

Analyze the market


There is no doubt that pet portraits are more in trend these days and will continuously grow. There are thousands of people who own the pet and treat them as their family members. Moreover, they are willing to spend a significant amount on the building and framing the moments with their pets.


Moreover, people are so fond of showing off their pets and their activities that they keep sharing a picture on a social networking site. This will help promote your work, and if people like your work by seeing the portraits, they will approach you.


Study the demand in the market


After analyzing the market spend some quality time studying the demand of your target market. The demand may vary from person to person. Some look for a professional photoshoot of their loving pet at the location of their choice, while some people want the custom pet portraits of their pet from the existing clicked photos. As a professional pet portrait artist, you must fulfill their demand and provide them real work of art that offers value to them.


Set your pricing list


As a professional pet portrait artist, you must make your artwork chargeable. But the pricing should be fair and reasonable. It would help if you differed the pricing of your art work based on the painting’s size and complexity.


Final thought 


Painting or portraying a pet is a challenging task that requires specific skills and techniques. The person who possesses such skills may choose this as a career option because it is more in trend these days. People are looking for custom pet portraits, dog portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits, and many other types.