Tips to produce quality outputs from paint by numbers kit


What is it?

Painting by numbers is the process of using a canvas board that will be having an image along with various numbers on it. If a portion of the board has a number, then you should take the paint that corresponds to that number and paint. If you are an adult, you can go for a paint by numbers adults (malen nach zahlen erwachsene). However, the following tips may help you produce the best results out of these kits.


Start from the larger spaces

A canvas board will have a backdrop of an already printed image on which you would paint to get the desired painting. To guide you with the colors that will make the image perfect, there will be some numbers or codes mentioned in this background image that is divided into small parts with different colors. So, if there is a number five on a part, you should look for the manual for the color corresponding to five and use that color paint over that space. Likewise, wherever the number five is there, you would be painting with that color. To make your painting process faster and easier, it is recommendable that you should color the larger spaces first and then go for tiny parts with the lower surface area. If you try to paint a smaller area first, you would end up smudging and collapsing your work. Since they are smaller areas, you could not restrict the paint from moving on to the adjacent space. So, it is advisable to paint the larger areas and then go to the smaller ones.

Darker colors need attention

If your painting codes include various colors ranging from the darkest to the lightest, it is better, to begin with, the darker one. Darker colors can impact your work to a greater extent than the lighter colors and you have to understand their composition well. Also, it will take more time for the darker areas to dry as you would have applied several layers of the paint to make it darker enough. So, it will help if you paint it first and give time for them to dry.


Change colors when completed with one

Many colors of paint would come into play in artwork with different parts. The color codes can be here and there. If a color code is placed on two areas far from each other, you would have to use the same color in both of these places. Painting in the order of the canvas board will make you use different colors for different codes and spaces. It will take more time if you are washing your brush every time you meet with a new code. So, it is always advisable to go with the completion of a single-color code in all the places and then to the next color. It is okay if the two codes are at the extreme ends.


Covering the numbers

You should be careful enough to paint more layers of paint to cover the numbers without any markings.