What are the elements to consider while designing an office space?


Office space design


If you are planning to design an office space, you have a lot of options. Compartment-cabin spaces are becoming old-fashioned, and the new-age offices are following several different trends. These improvements are focused on improving both the visual appeal and productivity of the employees. The concept is to provide the employees with a comfortable environment to get motivated and work efficiently, simultaneously improving the trendy look of the space. You could find several office designers who are specialized in designing office spaces. Going with expert advice will always provide better results. But it is also necessary to know the requirements in an office design to increase productivity before going to a designer. In this article, let us discuss some of the elements that you need to concentrate on to improve the productivity of the employees.

Elements to consider before finalizing your office design




If you are looking to improve the productivity of the employees in your office, you should concentrate on improving the interior lighting. A dim room will create depressions and diversions. Brighter rooms may keep you aware and focused on your work. So, it is better to keep your office interiors bright with proper lighting. Bad light can also cause some issues to your employees’ eyes, such as strain and irritation as they are watching the computer monitors for a long time. If you need your employees to be working without any mood alterations, it is necessary to invest a bit in the interior lighting of your office. Your office lighting should be inspiring for the employees. Some offices would have enough natural light to lit up their interiors. If there is not enough of it, you should use artificial lighting to catch up.


Chair and table


Char and table are the most vital things that an employee will use the most in the office spaces. There should be comfortability in using them to get the focus to work. If your sitting posture and computer position are not comfortable, you could not focus on your work. Instead, you would be concentrating on attaining comfortability. So, you should take care of the proper seating arrangement and system positioning. A cushioned chair with a footrest will be the best choice. You should make sure that your monitor is below your eye level and power connections are within reach. You could use pillows when necessary to add comfort to your spine.




Your office space or the working space should be clean. A dirty place or clutter would be diverting your attention, and you could not focus on your work efficiently. So, it is required to have a clean environment. If every employee cleans up his place of work, then the entire office space would be clean. Cleanliness in the office space is vital to increasing the productivity of the employees. You should keep your necessary things organized and unnecessary things out of sight to avoid clutter in the workspace. If you are working from your home, you should be more aware of keeping your surroundings clean to concentrate on work.




Colors are what you would see inside a building. Everywhere around the office there would be any color. Be it the painting or the things, everything would affect your senses and have an impact on your concentration or mood. So, it is vital to choose attractive as well as pleasant colors that will improve the enthusiasm in employees and make them work actively. If your paint and things are more eye-catching, then they could become diversion factors. So, you should choose the colors that are motivational as well as not over-attractive. The blue color is claimed to be the best-suited color inside an office that can provoke the employees to work better.


Room temperature


If you wish to increase the productivity of your employees, it is vital to start with the conditioning of the room temperature. Most people are thinking that reducing the temperature will increase comfortability. But in fact, warmer conditions will make the employees work more productively than cooler rooms. So, it is vital to consider the air conditioning facilities that will improve the comfortability and productivity of the employees.




Adding some types of scents to your interiors can improve the focus and mood of your employees. These scents can alter our mindset and bring us back to work if there are any alterations in our thoughts. An office space with a fresh and pleasant odor will improve productivity as a whole.


Varieties in spacing


While we are talking about the old-fashioned box-type office designs, the new-age concept of open space offices is also losing its purpose and attraction. Some people claim that the open space design is distracting them at times from their work. So, instead of blindly going either for a box-type design or an open space design, it is advisable to select a design that has a variety of spaces inside it for every purpose. If a team is going to work collaboratively, they could work in an open space. A remote room may help people who need some privacy and silence to think about something. Likewise, spacing the office to match the needs of the employees can help to improve productivity.


Noise levels


Working in a noisy environment can cause an increase in your stress levels and diversions in your focus. You could not focus on your work and will get several distractions. The noise disturbances will be more in the cases of open-space designed offices. So, it is advisable to use noise reduction systems to improve the concentration and focus of the employees. The use of pleasant and focus-boosting music will also appreciable.


Division of people


Traditionally, most of the office spaces would have separate workspaces for each team doing the same task. But there is a claim that the grouping of each person working for the same client instead of grouping them based on their teams would help improve the focus and responsibility of the workers.