Specifications Of A Miter Saw That Will Help You Decide The Best One


A miter saw is the best thing that is ever made to ease the work of cutting; sometimes cutting requires some serious skills that will require a perfect angular cut. Creating the base structure requires a lot of specifications and cuts in the wood that needs to be exactly in the correct measurements to get the best output of the product you are making.


It is important to know the specifications of the miter saw so that you can get the best dewalt dws779 review, which can help you in your workings.



A miter saw is a tool with many parts and specifications that are important for a person to know before they purchase or start using a miter saw. Let us have a look over the different parts of a miter saw that adds to the dewalt dws779 review.



The most crucial and responsible part of a miter saw is a blade, the way a miter saw cuts different products in different angles is the factor that depends upon the various size and shape of the blade that is installed in a miter saw.

There are different possible sizes of a miter saw, among which the majority of them are of around 5 to 7 inches, which means it is not that tough to carry a miter saw to the workplace and carry it back. The basic sizes in which you will find a miter saw are:-

  • 7- ½ inches
  • 8-1/2 inches
  • 10 inches
  • 12 inches



Guard is the protective shield that is equally important for you as well as for your blade. It is important to cover your blade with a guard no matter it is in use or not; when in use, it will protect you from injuries, and when not in use, the guard will safeguard your blade from rusting.

There are two halves of the guard where the top half is the immovable part, and the other one is connected to the hinge; when you use the blade, your blade will come out of the bottom half guard, and you can cut whatever you want in the required angle.


Handle and power switch

The power switch of the saw is installed in the handle itself that brings the control of the saw in your hand; whenever you will press the power switch, the blade will start rotating, after which you can add the wood you want to cut and make the measurement and can make the angle in which you want o cut it.



The scale is an important part of the miter saw that would help you to define the angle and the measure of the wood in which you want to cut it in. The scale clearly depicts the angles in numbers and provides you with the lever that can help you determine the desired angle on it; once you have set-it, you are all ready to cut down your wood at the desired angle.


By now, you are pretty much clear with the dewalt dws779 review that tells you about the specification of the miter saw.