Rules and Regulations for Running Child Care Centers


Child care centers are the institutions that provide the facility of supervising and taking care of the children whose mothers are working. They take care of their children in the day time. They provide a safe and learning environment for their children. They use different ways to make their children learn new things.

There are both types of child care centers licensed and non licensed centers. It depends on the rules and regulations of the state in which you are establishing the daycare center. The licensed centers have to follow certain essential health and safety requirements as they are being monitored regularly to check whether they are following them.

Health and Safety:

The first and foremost rule that every Daycare (kinderopvang) should follow is related to the children’s health and safety. A hygienic environment should be provided to the children, regular cleaning of the center. As staff members, all the equipment should keep knives and poison the child’s reach as it can harm them.

Medical records of all the children should be maintained when they get sick or injured. Even the details of allergy should be taken from their parents, to avoid any health issues.


The staff of the child day care plays a most crucial role in the development of the child. They should adequately examine before keeping them on the job. Staff members should be of at least 18 years of age to properly take care of children.

The owner should make proper documents for the staff. Before giving a job, even check the staff’s criminal records by contacting the police department of their area. Even one staff member should be appointed who has done a first aid course in case of an emergency.


Regulation Related To Child Meal:

Even the Daycare (kinderopvang) provides different meals to their children. According to these regulations, well balanced, nutritious meal regularly should be delivered to the children. Good food quality should be prepared, which will be beneficial for the children in their overall development.

Daily Schedules

All the appointed staff members should follow all the daily schedules in child care centers. There should be proper timing of all the things like sleeping, eating food, playing. This will help the child in developing a routine. Even the daily schedules should include playing outdoor games, playing clay games, playing in a group. This will help the child to be social.

The environment of the Day Care Centers

Proper ventilation should be there in the daycare centers. Mostly bright colors should be used as this will improve the physical and mental health of the children. The playing area should be outside the building to encourage outdoor games.

These are the basic rules that all the Daycare (kinderopvang) should follow to provide a safe and healthy environment for all the children as they are our nation’s future. One should try to enroll their student in licensed child care centers as they are adequately managed under regulatory authority supervision.