What Are The Features Of Custom Truck Radio?


Custom Auto sound 1987 chevy truck radio is an excellent choice for car and truck drivers who are looking for a cost-effective radio. It comes with various advanced features that include a touchpad, USB port that could be connected with an iPod or any other smart device. Moreover, it can also be used as a speaker and one can play its favorite playlist by connecting the device through a USB cable.

Custom truck radio comes in various designs and sizes. According to the size of the cabin, you can install appropriate custom radio in the cabin. Moreover, it also offers Bluetooth connectivity. Most of the truck drivers love to listen to classical music during driving. Keeping this fact in the mind this radio is composed of a separate system in which only classical music can be played.

If you are looking for an affordable truck radio then a custom radio would be the best option for you. You will surely enjoy the ride with a custom radio. Moreover, it is capable to catch frequency of various radio channels in bad weather also. Before going anywhere else it is advisable to try custom radio at least once. Moving further let’s discuss some features of custom radio in detail.

Features to be considered


  • Earlier radio in vehicles comes with various buttons. One needs to push buttons several times in order to change the radio channel or adjusting volume. It is quite dangerous as while driving you must need to do full focus on roads. To tackle this problem custom radio comes with a touchpad in which by clicking on the screen you will be able to change the radio channel or can adjust the volume.
  • You will get a separate option for every activity such as for volume adjustment, Bluetooth connectivity, changing radio channel, etc. If you are not comfortable with a touchpad then you can also move for buttons.

Wireless connectivity

  • With a USB port custom radio also offers wireless connectivity. One can connect mobile or any other device easily with Bluetooth. Moreover, for customer’s convenience additional USB ports are also provided. Mainly, these ports are provided to use the radio as a speaker and to play the favorite playlist. If you are getting bored during traveling then by turning on custom radio you will surely enjoy the ride.
  • The range of wireless connectivity is also good. In bad weather, almost all radio system is unable to catch frequency of various radio channels. But custom radio is different from others and also shows its 100 percent working even in bad weather. So, why choose another radio, just think about it and try custom radio at least once.

Lastly, 1987 chevy truck radio is affordable and durable. It is like a one-time investment. You have to not pay any further costs after purchasing this radio. Moreover, the company also offers a warranty that is in case of any damage you can go to the company for free repair.