Give Your Pet Some Funny Looks By Painting Them Yourself!


Painting is a relaxing activity that can make you feel much more relaxed and calm in your stressed life, and that too, when you are focusing on creating some funny and entertaining pictures of your loving pets.

In case you are willing to create some awesome memories with your pet, it is good that you paint your pet in different positions and also create some really interesting modern art. 

What funny can you create?

What you want to create is in your hand; it depends on your thinking ability that what are the funny things that you want to create in your portrait. Some of the interesting ideas are:-

Portray as a king: one of the funny pictures to see will be your pet portrayed as the king of an estate and showing off his royal attire. In this, you can show your pet sitting on the throne and portraying his holiness wearing a crown.

Display as a joker: imagine how interesting it will look when you paint your pet dog as a joker, quite funny, right? Well, in this type of portrait, you can put some joker clothes below the face of your dog and add some jugglers around. To create a sense of belongingness to the circus, you can also show a circus set up in the back ground.

A sailor: now, this is something where you can play with the expressions of your pet like if your pet is a fish, you can use your creativity to portray her as the sailor on the ship that is actually under the water. The fun fact of showing the fish as a sailor on the ship that is already inside the water can create a huge comical effect in your portrait.

Pilot dog: how will a pilot dog look like? This is something that you can create yourself and create a sense of flying dog; you can also create some effects that will help you create an Airplane effect in the background.


How to create a portrait easily?

To create such a funny and exciting portrait easily, you can make the use of various professional kits that are available in the market. All you have to do is click the picture of your pet and send it to the company. The kit provider will help you in providing you a kit for your portrait.

Once you have received a kit at your home, just open it to look over the material you get. The professional kit includes a good quality canvas, acrylic colors that are to be used in the portrait, and 3 to 4 brushes as per the requirement.

The canvas that you get in the kit will have the basics of your pet already drawn on it; all you have to do is to watch the numbering of the line or column in which you want to fill your color and then take the color from the kit and paint your pet easily on it.

By following these tips and tricks, you can create a funny portrait of your pet that can increase your home’s legacy.