Everything to know about dental crowns


What are dental crowns?

You may be familiar with the use of a cap-like structure to cover your damaged tooths during dental implants in Mexico. These caps are known as dental crowns, and they will look like a natural tooth on most occasions. In this article, let us discuss the need for dental crowns along with the types of them.

Why would you need a dental crown?

There can be several reasons for you to get a dental crown in your mouth. Some of them are as below,

  • If you are having a broken tooth, you will need a dental crown to hold the pieces together and stable.
  • You can use a dental crown to prevent a weak tooth from decaying or breaking down.
  • A dental crown can replace a broken tooth or a worn-out tooth for providing you comfortability.
  • It can help in covering as a filler in a broken tooth.
  • Dental crowns will be holding the dental bridges in a spot.
  • You can hide the deteriorated or misshaped tooth with a dental crown of porcelain or gold. Some will have discolored teeth, and they can consider using a dental crown.
  • You can cover a dental implant using a crown.
  • It can help in improving the aesthetics of your teeth.

Types of dental crowns

Stainless steel crowns

As the name suggests, these dental crowns are made of stainless steel. Most of the temporary dental crowns will be of stainless steel. Since it will take some time to develop a permanent crown using some other materials in the laboratory, these crowns can protect the tooth until then. Mostly, stainless steel crowns will find use in dental works for children.

Metallic crowns

Metallic crowns will be made of different metals or alloys. Gold is one of the primarily used metal for this purpose. If you replace your decayed tooth with a metallic crown, you can enjoy the stability of the artificial tooth for a long time than other types of crowns. You can bite and eat food without the tooth going worn out. But the price of gold makes it unaffordable.

Porcelain fused to metal 

In this type of crown, there will be a fusion of porcelain in a metal or alloy. You can match your teeth color with this crown, and it will not look artificial. However, there may be a black colored line at the portion of your gums at times. These crowns may break off within a short span compared to other types of crowns.

All resin crowns

In this type of crown, the entire material will be some resins. They will easily be worn out over time and are weak than porcelain fused to metal crowns. There will be frequent fractures to this type of dental crown.


All-ceramic dental crowns

All-ceramic crowns will not use any metals, and they will be suitable for people who will not use metallic crowns because of allergic reasons. You can get the most color match with this type of dental crown.